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Pre-Liminary Bankruptcy Interview
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Free ONLINE 3-in-1 Credit Report and Free 3-in-1 Credit Report by phone/mail
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Excellent references. Emergency & after hours possible.

AFFORDABLE (NOTARY in residence Available)

The Curia specializes in assistance for pro se litigants.   We help you help yourself!

Amicus Curia is not an attorney. Most clients are thankful for that.
Attorneys are often our best salesmen.

Amicus Curia Collections, Inc.

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We help you help yourself
Mercy counseling Justice
When there are too many policemen, there can be no liberty;
When there are too many soldiers, there can be no peace;
When there are too many lawyers, there can be no justice.

-Lin Yutang-
Justice defending Innocence

Mercy counseling Justice ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Justice defending Innocence


Referral to vetted attorneys at law available, but we do not recommend control freaks nor attorneys with poor bedside manner.  At Amicus Curia, our goal is to help you help yourself.

We serve Mason, Thurston, Kitsap, Grays Harbor, Pacific, Jefferson, King and Pierce County or any jurisdiction within Washington State and its courts.

Amicus Curia offers a full range of services including DIVORCE/Child Support/ADOPTION assistance, BANKRUPTCY PREPARATION, investigations, transcription, depositions, briefs, legal research, motions, expert testimony, filing/typing pleadings, interrogatories and responses as well as proof of service of process.
Not being attorneys at law, we cannot argue before the bar (practice law).  We can refer you to a few prescient attorneys to fill this need. But if you can't afford one (who can?) or find a pro bono attorney, or if your experience with them has been frustrating, demeaning and fruitless, contact us!--We will help you help yourself without demanding you cede decisions/legal strategy to 'experts' who exclude you from that process.

Ours is the very best paralegal service that caters to pro se litigants in western Washington. Our track record proves it.

At Amicus Curia, talk is cheap.  We don't have a license to steal. We do not bill you simply for discussing your issues.  Fees begin with research, typing, interviewing witnesses, and/or field work, serving process, and organizing/drafting paperwork.  The Curia includes advice/opinions to clients of the pitfalls and sewers inherent in our judicial system, including the greed/incompetence of some attorneys and track record/prejudices of many judges. 

If you need a friend familiar with the courts, Amicus Curia stands ready to assist you. Bankruptcy chapter 7, divorce, custody, child support, administrative hearings, adoption, probate, last wills or codicils, notary services, enduring power of attorney, living wills, etc. can be started and completed here. Why wait? Call today and make an appointment. We can arrange for weekend appointments and are flexible. We can coordinate intake interview information over the phone or by e-mail if you are too distant to come by in person. We can accept payment by cash, check, or credit card.  We don't BILL for services--we operate strictly on a cash & carry basis enabling us to keep our overhead low and services affordable.

FEES: Save Money...Do It and Represent Yourself

Typical fees for some services are: Bankruptcy Chapter 7-$315/Chapter 13-$450; Divorce - $300/$350(children); Wills - $100; Service of Process - $50/RTS + $0.56/mi. + $50/hr; Free Credit Reports. Our rates are intended to net $50/hr. for completing/facilitating your case. There are no figurehead attorneys, 3-piece suits, or expensive offices at Amicus Curia to inflate fees. Our humble home office and focus is to get the job done--quickly--inexpensively. Pierce, Kitsap, Thurston, Mason, Snohomish, Lewis, Grays Harbor, King, Lincoln, Watcom County...we do them all.

Over 95% of our clients prevail or achieve the goal they seek. Few attorneys can make that claim. We tell you the truth and make an honest assessment of your case and chances of prevailing. We don't tell potential clients what they want to hear just to get them to write a check. If you've got a case, we want to help you. Amicus Curiae isn't just a 'friend of the Court' but YOUR friend in Court!

Freedom and Justice for All aren't just words here--don't leave home without it!