8-23-12 Music In The Park (Shelton) – ‘The Teachers’

This next to the last free concert in the season’s series was composed of Paul Barber on the electronic keyboard and guitar, Ron Grinnell on drums and trumpet. Both, as it so happens, are teachers at the Choice High School in Shelton. Their music is eclectic–rooted in many of the popular songs from the mid-20th century, the 60’s, 70’s & 80’s. All were familiar to the seniors and residents of Alpine Way in their audience.

Paul & Ron sometimes play at the nearby Hoodsport Winery. Their music is relaxing and fundamentally melodious with an occasional jazz number thrown in the mix. Paul served as lead and provided his own mixing from the stage. Some of Paul’s vocals were almost a dead ringer for the original, others…not so much. His performance on the keyboard was masterful. His side man (Ron) would shine if given the lead for a few trumpet solos where he clearly excels. Paul teaches the required curricula at Choice but occasionally has the opportunity to teach music to its students.

8-23-12 Music In The Park (Shelton) – ‘The Teachers’ 1/4

8-23-12 Music In The Park (Shelton) – ‘The Teachers’ 2/4

8-23-12 Music In The Park (Shelton) – ‘The Teachers’ 3/4

8-23-12 Music In The Park (Shelton) – ‘The Teachers’ 4/4

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