Bank of America Burns, Isla Vista – 1970

The burning of the Bank of America in Isla Vista

A teen boy who’d never heard of the police being called ‘pigs’ before saw the aftermath in Isla Vista. His understanding is the local Bank of America branch was burned to the ground TWICE by locals. The part about it being the street people more than political activists who took this direct action is something of a surprise. The ambient tone in the community after the Santa Barbara Sheriff/Captain Hershey arrived in medieval fashion with a MACE (spiked club) to command deputies in acts of suppression against the crowds of demonstrators was quite hostile to authority. Residents had been ripped from their homes without Due Process after martial law was declared.

Most businesses in Isla Vista had signs on their windows stating, “Bank Americards & Checks NOT accepted here.” Some Bank of America account holders had their own checks printed with color photos of the Bank in flames. The Bank was forced to cash them. The Bank’s replacement building was designed like a bomb shelter, reminiscent of all the metal detectors, bullet proof windows, and security surrounding many government buildings today. The Bank and Hershey were hated…as was the draft.

The following pics are available for download and/or your banking pleasure with a check printer of your choice…or you may have software that allows you to print your own.

But for a look at today’s burgeoning global class warfare of the 21st Centure, check out:
Bonfire of the Bank Vanities (An analysis of our failing institutions)

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