Jack Miles v. Dick Taylor, Port of Shelton Candidates

Dick Taylor, owner (along with his wife, Marlene Taylor) of Shelton’s Taylor Insurance Co., is running for the Port of Shelton Commissioner spot against incumbent Jack Miles.  Jack has become well known to the community as one of the few officials willing to listen to residents and stand with them in their hour of need opposing the Port’s welcome of the notorious Adage proposal.

More thoughts about Jack’s candidacy and why residents should support it can be found at: Should a DUI disqualify Commissioner Jack Miles from reelection?

It’s important for voters to know who they are voting for. While Jack has become well known, Dick Taylor is perhaps less familiar to voters.  A glaring example is the misinformation posted on another community blog (hosted by the notorious Shawnie ‘Darthe’ Vedder) naming Mr. Dick Taylor as associated with ‘Taylor town’ and ‘Taylor Shellfish’.  Dick Taylor has no ownership/involvement with either…although that’s hardly an endorsement.

The fact is, Dick Taylor is the ONLY alternative to Jack, and will be unless someone else decides to enter the race.  Mr. Taylor is eagerly supported by Commissioner Jay Hupp (and associates) though reveals a distinct lack of perspicacity about current Port of Shelton controversies when questioned. Although Dick Taylor, a local business owner, has had prior experience as an elected official and chamber of commerce director, he seems decidedly uninformed about what many in the community have taken time to learn regarding how their Port is being run and its inevitable impact on residents. Mr. Taylor is beyond the age most folks look to for retirement. During a recent interview, he seemed tired and unfocused.  His knee-jerk support of Adage was likely the primary basis for the encouragement he’s received from Jay Hupp & associates.

If you like Jay Hupp, you’ll prefer the candidate Jay supports, i.e. Dick Taylor.  If you like a candidate who listens to constituents and has proven to have the courage to stand with the community regarding controversial issues, Jack Miles deserves your support and your vote for Port of Shelton Commissioner.

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