Media Island Free Skool Jerry Spence Trial Tactics

Trial Tactics sanctioned by Jerry Spence, esq.

Links to the audio files analyzing those tactics are listed at the end of this article.

Sometimes there’s simply no substitute for excellence. Jerry Spence is possibly the best criminal defense trial attorney in America, if he’s still alive. He  successfully defended Randy Weaver, Imelda Marcos, and represented the estate of Karen Silkwood. It’s said he never lost a case.

These trial tactics are intended for those indigents too poor to afford an attorney, too knowledgeable to allow a public defender to shut them out of some of the most critical decisions affecting whether Jail time is in their future, and for those who want to participate in the process determining their fate. These audio files are intended to give the poor, the dispossessed, the disenfranchised, and the oppressed the tools to defend themselves who insist on that right. They are not a SOP or a substitute for a lawyer, but they are a first step to help those described try to avoid the mire that’s now our judicial cesspool.

What’s asked in return is commitment to the proposition we do not force our friends, family, and neighbors to go to court (especially in criminal cases) or ANY other government institution alone. We will lock arms in solidarity with a band of brothers and sisters determined to seek justice in the belly of the beast. Without this commitment, you (no matter how radical or much of a community/political activist you might be) are NOT welcome to these files or the community of legal activists willing to make such a pledge. You are excluded just as you exclude others in their hours of need before a prison-industrial-judicial complex that eats its children.

Those who are able & willing to assume their civic duty in this cause are urged to enlist others of similar faith. We must hang together or we will all hang separately! Do not allow those being flung into the maw  of this abattoir to become separated/isolated and disposed of. A Hive intelligence needs every member, and for each to remain in close contact/communication with the rest. Separated, the Hive will die as will each of its members! Separation can take many forms besides the physical. The beast can attempt to cut/control communication links. Official propaganda can corrode the spiritual, ethical, and social solidarity of the Hive. It can try to terrorize the Hive by making examples of its various participants. It can seize the assets (common strategy) of its participants through fines, fees, and foreclosures leveraged against the liberty of its patriots. It can instill fear of loss through the raw brute police power of the state imposed against the individual. Instilling panic, it promotes a reaction of ‘Devil Take the Hindmost’. Discipline and faith in a future without repression of inalienable rights must be an abiding presence in the Hive. The passions of those within can defeat the machine.

Audio Links:

Trial Tactics 1/12Trial Tactics 2/12, Trial Tactics 3/12, Trial Tactics 4/12, x-Trial Tactics 5/12, x-Trial Tactics 6/12, x-Trial Tactics 7/12, x-Trial Tactics 8/12, advx-Trial Tactics 9/12, advx-Trial Tactics 10/12, advx-Trial Tactics 11/12, advx-Trial Tactics 12/12

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