Thurston’s Bob Drewett challenges 1st Amendment @ FJC

Bob Drewett’s Worst Nightmare

Bob Drewett is a security guard here at the FJC (Thurston Family & Juvenile Courthouse) who is a bit thick headed and doesn’t take his job seriously enough to learn about the limits of his authority. He’s also made specious attempts to limits 1st Amendment activity in a public area he disingenuously claimed was his ‘office’–following juvenile probation officer Sara Dotson’s lead, no doubt. This is a classic example of why friends don’t let friends/family enter these dens of corruption and prevaricating officials alone. Once there, do NOT let them separate you or speak to them anyplace that isn’t public. When you do, document/record it–you don’t need 2-party consent where there’s no expectation of privacy, such as in a public area.

Interference w/investigation & news gathering?

Chilling the 1st Amendment

Marquez argues 'permission' trumps 1st Amenment in public area

Our rights: Use them, or lose them!

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