Why (A)narchists Must Be (A)ssaulted

Once a pond rich with food and simple Frogs playing became ruled by an amphibian King. Soon enough there was much croaking and complaining for it was within their nature to be noisy. The uproar continued unabated until one night, a great Stork came, took up residence and ate the frog King. Afterward, the pond was very…very…quiet!

Considering the Alternative

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    Why Grand Jury Indictments targeting anarchists are sought

    The following comment left on pugetsoundanarchists.org (http://pugetsoundanarchists.org/node/1956) is an example of why the self pitying violent champions of property destruction and assault get little sympathy from the press:

    “Anarchists have taken a beating in the press as of late.”
    This is incredibly short-sighted, to say the least. When have anarchists not taken a beating in the press? (Liberal stories about how most anarchists really are content with participating in work-trade living spaces and fixing bikes aside.)
    When the mainstream press features anarchists in a positive light it concedes that it does not perceive the anarchists featured to be of any threat to its employees, day-to-day operations, or its existence.
    The folks I respect don’t attempt to appeal to mainstream journalists, they punch them in the face.

    Moreover, it’s important for the public to recognize these screeds aren’t simply empty rhetoric. The Fatwah some anarchists (though not all by any means–the umbrella is large and the infantile ignorant hotheads without even a plausible theory of government are relatively few) has actually resulted in serious injuries to journalists attacked by the ‘poles’ anarchists used to smash windows. These journalist were fulfilling their function of being the eyes and ears of the public–a critical function for any genuine democracy.

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