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Bankruptcy Resource Center w/many links & articles

Published by Cornell Law School, Dec. 2007 incorporating the revisions effective Dec. 1, 2007.

US Bankruptcy Forms used in bankruptcy cases.

Unlisted Creditors omitted from credit reports article.

American Bankruptcy Institute online news & resources

Bankruptcy Court approved Certificate Agency Locator for pre-filing and pre-discharge required certificates.

US Trustee Approved Credit Counseling Agencies issuing Pre-Filing & Pre-Discharge required certificates

A flowchart of events that occur in Chapter 7 Petitions

Choose when you need a Pre-Filing Certificate or Pre-Discharge Certificate--Amicus Curia can help.

US Trustee approved credit counseling required nationwide for bankruptcy filers.

Bankruptcy forms located on the U.S. Trustee Program site are examples of data enabled forms. Meant for vendor informational use, some courts may link to these as acceptable fill-able forms. Consult your local US Bankruptcy Court to verify use of these forms.

Bankruptcy procedure, exemptions, discharge, etc. WA Homestead exemption is currently $125.000

Example of an intrusive & humiliating rental application

How and When to seek restoration of your driver's license in Washington State.

Value estimates of vehicles by year, make, model, etc.

U.S. Census based median income table for households across the nation by state

Pacer U.S. Court Services Admin Center

US Trustee homepage and services

US Trustee Library page for western Washington region

US Trustee region 18 Directory/bankruptcy trustees.

Western District of Washington U.S. Bankruptcy Court homepage w/forms and links of interest to petitioners.

Texas self-help clinic overview of pitfalls and advantages to filing bankruptcy

The 3 major credit reporting agencies offer one free annual credit report each per year here.

How to request your free annual credit report online, by phone or by mail.

Copyrighted book via Google regarding bankruptcies.

US Trustee Data Enabled Bankruptcy Forms.

Chapter 13 info not intended for public display. You must obtain authorization from the Trustee first

Homepage listing fees, philosophy, and specialty areas for Amicus Curia