Shelton’s Olympic Panel Sold, to be Cannibalized 6-1-16

Shelton, WA (3-22-15) — Swanson Group Manufacturing, LLC, a Pacific Northwest forest products company, has acquired the assets of Olympic Panel Products, LLC. Located in Shelton, Wash. Olympic Panel is the largest overlay plywood manufacturer in North America. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Swanson plans to relocate the Olympic Panel assets to its state-of-the-art facility to be built in Springfield, Ore. For the next 12 to 18 months, Olympic Panel Products will continue to operate in Shelton to ensure a smooth transition for customers and suppliers.

On 7-17-14, a large Plywood and veneer mill (Springfield Forest Product Plant) in Springfield, Oregon, was virtually destroyed overnight. The Springfield Forest Products plant, which employed 250 people, had about 100 workers on duty at 4:00 pm when a fire broke out in a drying machine used to dry wet veneer.  The fire expanded rapidly and quickly moved through the entire plant occupying 200,000 square feet in several buildings on 33 acres.


Springfield Forest Products Plant burns to the ground.

One Olympic Panel employee characterized its equipment as dated which invites the question of how profitable the purchaser’s business model is? 360 Olympic Panel employees will be pounding the bricks by 7-1-16. Simpson has been unloading many of its production facilities in the NW as well. The Dioxin saturated Shelton Harbor remains unmitigated.

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  1. Jake Burke says:

    Does anybody know if the plan is still to close the Shelton facility on 6-1-16?

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