12 Bankruptcy Myths

Ch. 13 vs Debt Cons

The 341 Meeting

6 Credit Card Faqs

722 Redemptions

ABA Bill harmful

Auto Lien Stripping

Automatic Stay

Balance Transfers

Debt Negotiators

Bankruptcy Parents

Bankruptcy Docs

Bankruptcy History

'05 Bankruptcy Law

Means Test

Bankruptcy Reform


Bankruptcy Rising


Budgeting & Debt

Ch 7 & 13 changes

Ch 13 Eligibility?

Ch 13 vs Ch 7

Christmas Spending

College Graduation

College Planning

Credit Errors

Cram Downs

Credit Card Pitfalls

Credit Card Minimum

Credit Card 1st Aid

Credit Scores

Learn About Credit

Credit Union Loans

Debt Collectors

Negotiators Crush

Debt Education

Debtor Edu-Filing

Debtor Intent

Debtors Keep Home

Purchasing Power


Domesticly Obliged

Spouse and Money

Emergency Funds

Fair Debt Collection


4 Reasons for Ch 13

Freeze Credit Report

Generation Debt

GM Layoffs

Going Bankrupt

Going Broke in US

Guilt & Bankruptcy

Health & Bankruptcy

Home Buying

Homeowners Beware


Identity Theft

ID Theft Prevention

IRS-FTC Investigate

Life & Bankruptcy

Living in your Means

Medical Needs

Money Perspective

NACBA Testifies

Nondischarges in Bankruptcy

Pitfalls in Co-Signing

Points Skyrocket



Rising Fuel Costs

Scope of Ch 13

Student Loans


Taxes & Bankruptcy

Tax Records

Too Much Debt

Top Foreclosures

Trusts & Bankruptcy


Wedding Planning


When to Consult

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Content Description

Bankruptcy Law articles and information affecting debtors.

You won't lose everything & you can't runup bills before filing.

Advantages of a Ch 13 Bankruptcy over Debt Consolidation.

Filers must attend a meeting of Creditors - briefly.

6 Factors every credit card user should know.

Rules regarding the stripping of liens from certain collateral.

Language discourages advocates from representing debtors.

Auto Cramdowns under the new bankruptcy act.

Filing Bankruptcy imposes immediate restrictions on debt pursuit.

Shifting debt to lower rate credit cards can trap the unwary.

How debt negotiators can crush your credit.

Childcare can financially cripple two-income families.

Bankruptcy Documents you will need to provide to file.

The origins of how our Bankruptcy laws came to be.

Synopsis of 2005 Bankruptcy Law revision by Congress.

Eligibility via your income vs. your State's median income.

Review of the many lives of Bankruptcy reform legislation.

Start your retirement planning now and how to do so.

Bankruptcies rising despite legislative intent to curb filings.

Do you make these mistakes with your household budget?

Making Ends Meet, Stretching your income further.

Overview of changes to chapter 7 & 13 Bankruptcy Laws.

Businesses can't declare bankruptcy under Ch 13, persons can.

Chapter 7 Process versus Chapter 13 Process.

Holiday Spending Types and Pitfalls, set limits.

Finding a job after college.

College Financing, getting financial help for college.

How to correct credit reporting errors, repairing your credit.

The 'Cram Down' benefits of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Credit Card buyer, Beware. Federal regulators have failed.

Increased Minimums and what they mean to consumers.

Make certain your report reflects all debts discharged to rebuild.

How your credit score is determined.

Fundamentals about how to manage your credit score wisely.

How Credit Unions undermine borrowers w/cross-collateralization.

The economics of the Golden Age of Debt Collection.

How debt negotiators can crush your credit and profit by it.

Credit Counseling & Debtor Education Courses - Reform Act.

Credit Counseling requirment is not deterring bankruptcy filings.

Required Statement of Intent regarding plans for secured debts.

Ch 13 filings gain popularity because they halt foreclosures.

Determining 'Purchasing Power Parity' - (PPP)

Avoid unnecessary unsecured debt from a divorce.

Domestic Support Obligations - Limits to Automatic Stay.

Domestic Partner & Money - How to talk about money.

1st goal post-Bankruptcy should be setting up emergency fund.

The Federal Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

Deregulation breeds abuses in lending industry.

4 Main Reasons people file for Chapter 13 relief.

Fearful of ID theft, consumers block access to their records.

The New Economics of being young.

GM Layoffs foretell increase Bankruptcy filings.

Steep rise in Bankruptcy petitions and effects on filers.

Why going broke is a fact of life in America.

Dealing with Guilt when facing Bankruptcy.

Health, Health Care Insurance and Bankruptcy.

How to prepare to buy a home, steps before down payment.

Watchout for the scams, income padding, loan flipping, deceit.

Homestead Exemption, State Laws, Limitations under new Law.

Chances of becoming a victim may depend on where you live.

Periodically check your credit with the 3 bureaus, report anomalies

Consumer Alert - IRS & FTC Investigate credit counseling orgs.

Life, Credit, Banking, Living within your Means after Bankruptcy.

Are you living beyond your financial means?--saving enough?

Medical Bills are a major cause of Bankruptcy.

Putting your money into perspective--budgeting.

Bankruptcy Attorneys testify before Congress.

Non-Dischargeable Debts - Student Loans, Child Support, taxes, Alimony, Court Fines, Restitution, Fraud, Intentional Torts, etc.

3 out of 4 co-signors are asked to pay for defaulted loans.

Profits from Credit Cards Skyrocket; bankruptcy relief discouraged.

Recent Developments in the Law regarding debt consolidation.

Credit Card onslaught-healthcare costs drive seniors to Bankruptcy

Rising Fuel cost effects on Americans.

Changes to the Scope of a Chapter 13 Discharge - cash advances.

Student Loans can be consolidated in a Ch 13 plan - cancellation.

Fraud, Willful/Malicious Injury, Larceny, Embezzlement, Decree.

The Nuts & Bolts if the return was timely filed.

Tax returns/transcript 7+ days before 341 meeting required.

Indications your debt load is excessive.

Top 100 Cities for Foreclosures as of 8/29/2006.

The limits of Trusts protecting assets from Creditors.

The new credit scoring system - VantageScore - variance likely

How to save money on your wedding.

More single mothers file Bankruptcy than ever before.

When is it time to seek advice about your bills?

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