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Our youth and politically active seniors seeking social justice may have a naive faith in government remedies, but there’s no doubt they’re on the right side of history. The squalid conditions the dispossessed are forced to endure, the police brutality visited on those who peacefully protest this nation’s injustices, the arrests of even those sitting on a drum in a ‘busking zone’ shed light on just how far the erosion of American principles has gone while most of us were trying to get on with our lives but paying too little attention to the political process.

It’s not a new story, but it has reached crisis proportions. Our fate and our future are ultimately in the hands of a few–those who have renewed their faith in the promise of an American vision and dream Dr. King had or the greedy elite who rely on government corruption at all levels to establish rules designed to benefit their special interests at the expense of the people.

Save The Country, Climb On Board the Glory Train

Government will NEVER be the sop young (and old) idealists hope for, yet it can (and should) act as a bulwark to prevent force & fraud as well as provide for the national defense–including the environment, of course. Corporate welfare queens who steal the commons that is the right of all living creatures (such as clean air & water) commit violence against all and should be tried for crimes against humanity. Some day, God willing, they will be!

That day has yet to arrive. Until it does, we must keep our swords sharp and rely on our youth, our children and their boundless energy, their limitless idealism, their profound sense of injustice, to save the country. Those who abuse even the least of these will have to answer for it, sentenced to perhaps the worst punishment of all, having to keep their own company.

A Day in the Life of the Dispossessed

On 12-12-11, our children will be struggling to take back our country and the institutions we created to serve us, not corporate masters who promote the legal fiction that somehow corporations are ‘persons’–‘persons’ who do not bleed when cut, who have no soul, no conscience, no goal but to make unending profits for their share holders without personal accountability, and no commitment to the quality of life for the people.

Come on down, lend your support, join the Glory Train. You don’t need no ticket, just climb on board 12-12-11 all day long @ the Olympia Port, corner of Franklin & Market. Your Country needs you.

Organized labor, workers, and other members of the 99% are especially encouraged to demonstrate our common cause in attempting to wrest control/power from the wealthy few and return it to the people else the brute police power of the state will destroy us. The most fundamental revolutionary change will come of an understanding of how we are all connected and must act in our mutual best interests, not through government fiat, but by the compassionate exercise of a new social order where charity (a critical element too important to be left to the indelicate, inept, unreliable, corrupt hands of government) is restored to its rightful place with extended families and the community.

Life in a Political Vacuum

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