How To Avoid Buying Oly’s Stolen Musical Instruments

Olympia, WA (11-23-14) – Homelessness, drugs, @narchists, poverty, hunger, street violence…they all make for a volatile mix when it comes to public safety and hanging onto the blood of one’s labor. There is a nexus involving the above and a property theft network that stretches throughout the Pacific Northwest, including Olympia–perhaps especially Olympia, when it comes to the spike in car prowls, burglaries, bicycle thefts and related crimes. Professional car thieves…move over! Automobile chop shops now have competition in the form of stolen bicycle chop operations hidden in covert wooded encampments operated by gangs/’families’ of the homeless seeking an income from bicycles stolen from area residents, college campuses, shopping malls, and city streets. Even locked bicycles are not safe in public venues. It’s the new gold rush among the more criminally inclined poor and dispossessed. A surfeit of hypodermic needles gives stark silent testimony of how bad lawlessness in Olympia’s tenderloin district has become. City police seemingly are not able to control it. Area merchants complain, but some may be encouraging or even participating in the problem behind the scene.

Not only is heroin (now cheaper per day than marijuana or booze) plentiful on the city’s streets along with commercial sex, but stolen items hawked by many street denizens. Unfortunately, this includes expensive musical instruments and bicycles. Nor are the merchants of crime’s ill gotten gains necessarily homeless or poor. Some are shop owners, tavern proprietors, and landlords. Huh? Yeah–you heard right: Some of the master thieves are fences and business owners, even musicians and well known personalities familiar to the community.

Here’s how it typically works:  A self absorbed miscreant raised by indulgent parents/grandparents who was never held accountable for his/her actions as a child grows into a deplorable adult who thinks nothing of indulging him/herself at the expense of others. In a community over saturated with misapprehensions of entitlement, it’s easy for these grifters to delude themselves into believing all property is ‘theft’ and, thus, they are merely ‘liberating’ it. A habitual burglar in Brinnon, for example, will steal from homes only occasionally occupied in this remote rural area to fence the stolen goods to his pals in Lewis County who will pay him with drugs he then sells when he returns to Brinnon, etc. They, in turn, will transport the goods to a gas station, et al, in Portland where the stolen merchandise is sold to buyers who have a touch of larceny in their own heart. Today, the internet, Craig’s List, E-Bay, Amazon, and many other online auctions are used to fence the goods to unsuspecting buyers using the shield of anonymity or frequent name changes to shield the criminals from discovery. Sometimes the items, especially music instruments, are destined for Olympia, not Portland. There are 2nd hand stores in the State’s Capitol that knowingly sell them. Again, look for any buffed out or filed identifying marks, brands, make, labels, etc.

These operations needn’t be isolated to only fencing stolen goods, but can involve alternative payment in the form of drugs, alcohol, forged identity documents, marijuana, counterfeit currency, guns, and even other stolen goods. And, they sometimes involve business owners/shop keepers who appear to be simple proprietors manning tattoo shops, 2nd hand music shops, and internet traders. Evidence of identifying trademarks, brand names, and serial numbers being removed/defaced should be a red flag for any honest customers. But, the vendors of these purloined items count on the larcenous client as well as the fatuously ignorant.

How To Determine If A Musical Instrument Is Stolen:

Musical instruments can be large investments or have intensely sentimental value. With such an investment, it can be heart breaking when an instrument is stolen. It can also be a major headache to purchase a musical instrument only to find out later that it was previously stolen and must be returned, often for only a limited refund if a refund is available at all. This article lists the steps necessary to avoid the purchase of a stolen musical instrument.


    • (a)

      Buy from reputable sellers to avoid the purchase of a stolen musical instrument. This is one of the most important steps in the avoidance of stolen goods. If an instrument seems too cheap, there is a possibility that it may be stolen. However, do not turn down a good deal if the serial number checks out. But, a sophisticated well heeled fence may simply evade this kind of reasonable suspicion by refusing to discount the going price too deeply.

    • (b)

      Locate the serial number on the instrument. On most wind instruments, the serial number will be printed on the instrument near the mouthpiece. On string instruments, the serial number is typically printed on the inside of the main portion. String instrument serial numbers are typically visible through the left F-Hole if you are facing the front of the instrument. You may need a magnifying glass to see the serial number on some wind instruments. It is likely that you will need a flashlight to see the serial number printed inside most string instruments. The serial number will be a set of numbers containing anywhere from 2 to 6 characters.

    • (c)

      Write down any specific remarks about the instrument in addition to obtaining the serial number. For example, if a string bass contains a band sticker on the back, write down a description of the sticker. You should also record the brand, model and other distinguishing features of the instrument.

    • (d)

      Enter the serial number at, if you obtained it, to check if the instrument has been stolen in the past. Otherwise, this website also lists distinguishing features about each stolen instrument. People whose instruments are stolen often offer rewards for the safe return of their property. If an item has been stolen, it cannot legitimately be resold by even a shop or store owner. You cannot sell, in law, what you do not own. Once stolen, ownership NEVER transfers until the item is returned to its rightful owner. Like counterfeit currency, if YOU get caught holding it, YOU LOSE! This is a wager you don’t want to place.

    • (e)

      Check the website to see if anyone in your area has reported a musical instrument stolen. If their description matches the description of your instrument, you may want to investigate the matter further with the dealer and the person that reported the instrument stolen. People that list their instruments on this website typically offer rewards for the return of their property.

    • (f)

      Check with the dealer of the instrument should you discover that the musical instrument is stolen (whether or not you purchased it). The dealer from which you made the purchase will be able to find out who sold the instrument to them and further action can be taken. If your purchase was made from a private seller, you will need to contact your local police department to report the crime and take further action against the seller.

Tips & Warnings

  • Report stolen instruments as soon as possible to make it more likely that you will receive a refund.
  • If you buy a musical instrument, always register it with your school or through the dealership in case it is stolen from you.
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Duggins Hospitalizes Olympia’s Long Haired David

Violent Predator Released Into Olympia After Slap On The Wrist

Kiel S. Duggins

Olympia activist ‘long haired’ David Fawver

David, circa 2005 @ Oly’s Artesian

by Tahoe Jones

Olympia, WA (11-13-14) – RE: The dual assault on Long Haired David

David had told me of a person who owed his next door neighbor payment for a bicycle. The neighbor is disabled, and David took it very seriously. I was sitting on the leaf bench with Steven La’Fontaine, and David pulled up on his bike and parked it. offered us some cupcakes, which we declined, so he walked back to his bike to put them away. He stood there for a bit. That man apparently was walking by last night 11/13/14 at about 10:30.
David confronted him over the debt. There was an escalating heated argument. But then, the man broke off the altercation and walked away towards Franklin St.

I turned to Steven, and said that it looked like it was over, no need to intervene. The guy got about 15 foot away, then turned and rushed back and up to David. He grabbed David by the front of his vest, then while screaming in his face, slowly leaned both of them through the window. Both locked together.

I rushed over, and tried to pull the guy off of David’s chest, but they were so tight in each others grip, I could not move them at all. There were huge glass shards left hanging down. I feared they would come down on them and me, so I grabbed the biggest ones and yelled for the people behind me to pull them out. Three guys grabbed and yanked them together out of the opening.

Oly’s Cafe LOVE

The guy ran off, again towards Franklin, his original direction before anything. I helped David over to the bench, he sat down, and was livid about the incident. There was no visible blood I could see. I went back over to the window to see what I could do about those hanging shards before someone else got hurt. As I turned back to look at David, he got up and took three steps towards the street, when Kiel ran out and punched David in the side of the head. It was a serious “prize fighter” stance and blow. Then he ran away around the corner. David was unconscious from the punch. He made no gesture to protect himself from his head hitting the street. He did not move at all. I rushed over beside him, counting seconds since I saw him go unconscious. he was out for 9 seconds. He was breathing, and finally responded when I said his name. I kept him from getting up until the paramedics showed up, but when they did, he insisted on sitting up. brushing bloody hair from his face, he slowly realized where he was, remembered the window.

At that point I stood back and answered OPD’s questions and whatever else I could do. The police chief said they had caught Kiel a couple blocks away on Fifth. I do not know the name of the first guy who pushed David through the window. It had been told to me twice, but I did not remember it.

David Helping Homeless Man

Duggins’ Earlier Assault On An Olympia Metro Bus Driver

(Circa 2-27-14) Man Attacks Olympia Bus Driver after Confrontation | Brutally Hit attacked by Passenger

Brutal Olympia Bus Attack Caught on Camera | Driver Get Beaten Terribly by Passenger

Brutal Olympia, Wash., bus attack caught on camera A simple route along the west side of Olympia became a ride from hell Tuesday afternoon.

Surveillance video from the Intercity Transit bus shows a horrific attack on a driver after a confrontation and yelling turned into a beatdown.

The video shows a man swearing and harassing passengers, which drew the attention of the driver.

“I told you once. I’m not gonna tell you again,” the driver said to the man, warning him to tone down his language or else he would be thrown off the bus.

Shortly afterward, the driver pulled the bus over and went to the back of the bus to get the man to leave.

“If you hit me in the face, we will fight to the death,” the man said to the driver.

The driver continued to tell the man to leave and he came close, standing right next to the open door. But the man would not leave and the driver eventually tried to shove him out.

The man then began to pummel the driver, hitting him more than two dozen times. One passenger tried to pull the man off but the man paused only long enough to mock the driver.

“You bleeding? Is that real blood? Let me taste it,” he said.

The man eventually left the bus and the passengers and the driver called 911. The driver went to the hospital. Suspect in custody after brutal attack on Olympia bus driver (w/video) A transit bus driver in Olympia is at home recovering Wednesday after he was beaten by a passenger.

Intercity Transit spokeswoman Kris Fransen says the driver suffered cuts, bruises and a fractured nose. He was treated at a hospital and released.

The 24-year-old passenger accused of beating the driver is being held in Olympia City Jail on investigation of third-degree assault. He has a court hearing Wednesday.

KOMO-TV reports (click–>REPORT) the Tuesday afternoon violence aboard an Intercity Transit bus was captured on the bus’s surveillance video.

After verbally warning the passenger to tone down his language, the bus driver stopped the bus and walked back to tell the man to leave.

In the video, the driver finally appears to try to shove the man out. That’s when the man started hitting the driver. One passenger tried to pull the man off.

When the man eventually left the bus, passengers and the driver called 911.

The driver has worked for the transit agency for seven years.

Surveillance video shows brutal attack on bus driver An Olympia bus driver was attacked by a rider after an argument between the two erupted. The violence was caught on camera Tuesday afternoon. WARNING:Video contains graphic language and some viewers may find it disturbing.

Police said the Intercity Transit bus driver was on his route on the west side of Olympia when he and a rider began to argue. The driver then stopped and ordered the man off the bus.

Surveillance video showed the two men at first pushing one another. The rider then began punching the driver in the face multiple times while screaming obscenities. The rider then fled.

Witnesses called police, but officers couldn’t find the attacker. He was found nearly two hours later at an IT transit center downtown after transit employees who saw photos of the incident recognized the man and called police. He was arrested and taken to the Olympia City Jail on third-degree assault charges. RAW VIDEO: Passenger beats bus driver in Olympia, Washington A surveillance camera captured a beating that injured a bus driver in Olympia, Wash.

Intercity Transit spokeswoman Kris Fransen says the driver suffered cuts, bruises and a fractured nose in Tuesday’s attack. He was treated at a hospital and released.

The 24-year-old passenger accused of beating the driver is being held on investigation of third-degree assault. He has a court hearing Wednesday.

After warning the passenger to tone down his language, the bus driver stopped the bus and walked back to tell the man to leave. In the video, the driver appears to try to shove the man out. That’s when the man started hitting the driver.

One passenger tried to pull the man off. Passengers and the driver called 911. The driver has worked for the transit agency for seven years.

NOTE: The video shows graphic violence, viewer discretion is advised. Video Captures Bus Passenger Attacking Driver Kris Fransen Attack on Bus Driver Bus Driver Attack Bus Attack Video Olympia Bus Attack Washington Crime Caught on Tape Crime News
OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — A surveillance camera captured a beating that injured a bus driver in Olympia, Wash.

Intercity Transit spokeswoman Kris Fransen says the driver suffered cuts, bruises and a fractured nose in Tuesday’s attack. He was treated at a hospital and released.

The 24-year-old passenger accused of beating the driver is being held on investigation of third-degree assault.

by Tahoe Jones (11-14-14)

Olympia, WA — When Kiel was first released after the bus driver beating, I went to him and tried to assess his condition and attitude. I decided to keep an extra sharp lookout over him, and warned any potential persons of the danger.

He was remote, and non-committal. Not quite what you would call stable. Two-three times a day I would see and talk with him a bit.

I spoke with Kiel moments before the first argument. He was walking by and I asked him where he was heading, did he have a place to sleep. He said he didn’t have one, and I made a couple of suggestions for cover. At that point the argument started, and Kiel walked off around the corner. I did not see him come back, and never expected anything like this. As far as I can tell, Kiel and the other guy did not know each other. Kiel was not involved in any way, before he rushed out and hit David.

Someone with influence, needs to make sure that he is not medicated, cleaned up and certified out the door, into our laps again. He was gone 90 days for that bus driver beating. The powers that be, will see this as a “lesser” offence, if you let them. And put him back out. Don’t let them do it. I for one, am tired of watching over him. Waiting.

Long Haired David Fawver hospitalized following altercation

by Amelia Dickson (Daily Olympia journalist)

Downtown Olympia activist David Fawver, who goes by the name Long Haired David, was hospitalized Thursday night following an altercation outside of Cafe Love, according to the Olympia Police Department.

Kiel S. Duggins, a 24-year-old Olympia man, was arrested for second-degree assault following the incident, and is being held at the Thurston County Jail. Thurston County Superior Court Judge Anne Hirsch set bail at $50,000 at a Friday afternoon court appearance.

Department spokeswoman Laura Wohl said the altercation began with a dispute over a bicycle in front of the cafe, located on the 200 block of Fourth Avenue. Fawver and another man began shoving each other and fell through the cafe’s front window.

Several people rushed forward and pulled the two men out of the glass, Wohl said. When Fawver stepped back onto the sidewalk, he stumbled into Duggins, who had been watching the altercation.

Duggins responded by punching Fawver in the head, causing Fawver to lose consciousness.

“It sounds like he just hauled off and hit him,” Wohl said. “And he hit him pretty hard.”

Fawver was transported to Providence St. Peter Hospital with a concussion and broken facial bones, Wohl said.

According to the Olympia Police Department, Duggins is the same man who assaulted an Intercity Transit bus driver Feb. 25. The man was sentenced to eight months in custody Sept. 25 with credit for time served.

Hirsch made note of the previous case during the Friday afternoon court appearance, and cited it as a reason for the high bail.

Rob Richards, program manager for the Downtown Ambassador Program, said one of his employees has been in contact with Fawver since the incident, staying with him overnight in the hospital. He said Fawver regained consciousness, and was released from the hospital Friday afternoon.

“This morning he asked my employee to contact a glass shop so that he could pay for the replacement of Cafe Love’s window,” Richards said. “He felt so bad that the window was broken that he wanted to pay for it. So I know he’s going to be OK.”

Fawver’s friends and community members donated enough money to cover the cost of the window replacement on Friday, Richards said.

Fawver became a fixture of the community in 1998 when he co-founded the Emma Goldman Youth and Homeless Outreach Project, Richards said. Since then, he has continued his work with that project and other organizations.

He’s also been a proponent of needle exchange programs, launching a one-man protest when Thurston County cut back its program in 2005.

“He’s always been a figurehead and a well-respected, beloved person in the downtown street community,” Richards said.

Tahoe Jones, a voluntarily homeless activist, is a friend of Fawver’s and witnessed the incident around 10:45 p.m. He said two giant shards of glass were hanging down after the first man grabbed Fawver after an argument and pushed him through the window. However, a second man rushed over and punched Fawver in the head, knocking him out cold, Tahoe said.

“It was totally out of the blue,” Tahoe said.

Cafe Love co-owner Joe Hickox said the plate glass window measured 9.3 feet tall by 3.6 feet wide. He is miffed at paying a $250 insurance deductible, but glad to learn Fawver is recovering and will return to the downtown community.

“He’s a nice guy. Everybody knows him,” Hickox said. “He’s out there helping people all the time.”


Kiel S. Duggins

KielSDuggins10 KielSDuggins2 KielSDuggins3 KielSDuggins4 KielSDuggins5 KielSDuggins6 KielSDuggins7 KielSDuggins8 KielSDuggins9

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Gold Dust Woman

We’ve all known someone who is remarkable by virtue of being totally indifferent to the suffering of those they manipulate in their belief worrying about work should be avoided at all cost because somebody else will always take care of that–and if you haven’t, then you should. Life would be incomplete without one Cecilia or Gold Dust Woman to grant us perspective. After all, without them, how would we ever appreciate the genuine and true lover in our lives?–be they homespun and plain, artists or masters of refrain, divas or sultry dames, fundamentally…they’re all the same.

Rock on Gold Dust Woman.
Take your silver spoon, dig your grave.
Heartless challenge, pick your path and I’ll pray.
Wake up in the morning,
See your sunrise loves go down.
Lousy lovers pick their prey but they never cry out loud.
Did she make you cry? Make you break down?
Shatter your illusions of love?
And is it over now? Do you know how? Pick up the pieces and go home.
Rock On ancient Queen–follow those who pale in your shadow.
You’d better put your kingdom up for sale…up for sale.
Did she make you cry?
Make you break down?
Shatter your illusions of love?
Well, is it over now? Do you know how? Pick up the pieces and go home.
Well, did she make you cry?
Make you break down?
Shatter your illusions of love?
Now tell me, is it over now?
Do you know how? Pick up the pieces and go home.
Go home.
Go home…..

JUBILATION!–She Loves Me Again!!

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Private ‘Probation’ Corporations Bleed Poor Dry


This is the story of Hali Wood (et ux), a seventeen-year-old from Columbiana, Alabama who is deeply in debt to the private probation company, JCS.

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90-Year-Old Florida Man Cited for Feeding the Homeless

FT. LAUDERDALE: “If you’re poor–just STOP being poor!”

[Like Olympia’s Ben Charles, a resolute native American pastor with a street ministry that insists on feeding the hungry in the face of municipal opposition, Good Samaritans are under attack by ordinances across the nation making poverty a virtual crime and those who attempt to assist the poor, criminals.]

by Katie Zavadski

Fort Lauderdale, FL (11-4-14) — Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, wasn’t kidding about its new law, which established strict regulations on where organizations can feed the city’s homeless residents. Two local pastors and 90-year-old Arnold Abbott were cited for violating the ordinance Tuesday, and each face up to 60 days in prison and a $500 fine.

The city has about 10,000 homeless residents, but as of last month, outdoor food stands need permits or special permission and can’t be closer than 500 feet to a residential property. (Owners must also provide toilets.) Proponents of the law say that distributing food to the needy is “sanctioning homelessness.”

These restrictions don’t sit well with Abbott, who runs a nonprofit called Love Thy Neighbor, which he founded after his wife’s death. He intends to be out there feeding the homeless again on Wednesday, whether the police cite him again or not.

Volunteers with Love Thy Neighbor were given notices to appear for sharing food with homeless people under Fort Lauderdale’s new “sharing ban” regulations. They were forced to shut down the sharing and relocate to private property. Unfortunately the people most in need of food aid are in this area where the sharing ban enforcement is being focused…

[“But, if you feed them, they will come! The poor have no ‘skin’ in the game!” Yeah, that’s the problem with the poor, they have too much skin left.]

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Oly Jazz Central ( Censors Avatar

Is Olympia beholden to a neo-liberal cabal of kontrol freaks?


Declined — Try Again?

Olympia, WA – Those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it. Lenny Bruce and George Carlin were luminaries in fighting for the right of performing artists to fully exercise their inalienable rights pursuant to 1st Amendment principles. Not surprisingly, they were pursued and persecuted for doing so–Hell hath no fury like a scorned prude…so much so that Lenny succumbed to the badgering by ending his own life. Although a seminal figure in the free speech movement, and a turning point in American jurisprudence, this historical fact seems to have fallen on tin ear in Olympia’s environs.

At a jazz jam session in Olympia’s Traditions Cafe (3rd Sunday of each month @ 2:30p – 5:30p) across from the Capitol Campus Heritage Park, a participant recommended Oly’s Jazz Central website to stay in touch with the local jazz scene and venues calendar. It seemed like a good enough idea to invite a very polished local jazz trumpet player, C Davis, to check it out. C wasn’t nearly as enthusiastic about those behind the digital site. The conversation instantly came to mind when ‘Oly Jazz Central’ sent an e-mail declining the bid to join the menage because the chosen avatar (above image) was deemed ‘inappropriate’. [That’s a euphemism for “my biases are more important than yours”.]

The following retort was sent and is posted here by way of educating the public as to how the rights we hold as inalienable in America must be exercised or we will lose them. Olympia is a classic example of how this erosion of fundamental liberties takes hold in fact.


Received the following ‘declined’ prompt in e-mail from Oly Jazz Central:
Your request to join Olympia Jazz Central was declined.

The person who declined your request said:
Inappropriate picture. Try again!

WTF!? This independent photojournalist should inform you, commitment to free speech (Lenny Bruce) principles is as important as music here. A very professional trumpet player in Olympia (C Davis) was invited to join this group but kindly declined for the following stated reasons:

“There are a bunch of knee jerk liberals who run that. If you aren’t seen as consistent with their politics, they will shut you out.” Aspiring Sax Player: “But C, they haven’t asked about my politics.” C: “They will…they’ll get around to it.”

Apparently, Mr. Davis was correct. A bid to join this group wasn’t due to politics. Indeed, censorship is received with hostility here, either by the public OR private sector. There is nothing ‘obscene’ or objectionable about the chosen avatar photo. What *is* disturbing is your censorship of the same, despite ADA and 1st Amendment principles. It does, however (and deliberately so) help filter out the kontrol freaks who always seem to want to censor the content of others’ speech. Classical old-school liberals seem to be, from my experience, among the worst offenders. I didn’t come here to ‘go to church’ or be chided for my choice of how I represent myself or what avatar I choose. Your prudish censorship is obnoxious to all the principles held most dear here, and so noted.

This site was billed as a digital venue to communicate with musicians and artists. Unfortunately, the ‘price’ you’ve set on that simple proposition is too great. Given the history of performing artists (e.g. Lenny Bruce and George Carlin) in dealing with such censorship, your message was not simply paradoxical, but revealing. It must be said, if it were known who you were in particular, an effort to exercise our 1st Amendment rights in your presence in order to preserve them would be made. You are a threat to those rights, and an enemy of American values.

This message was sent to you and 2 other organizers of Olympia Jazz Central.

Olympia Jazz Central, in truth, is hardly the only malcontent when it comes to the free speech of others in Thurston County. The State’s Capitol is rife with latte’ swilling, gun snatching, gender bending sanctimonious hypocritical constipated kontrol freaks and…performing artists, no less. One example can be seen in Heather Wood, an aspiring professional vocalist, artist, and bee colony environmentalist who recently graduated from TESC.


Heather Wood

Prior to a tempestuous parting, Heather was greatly indulged to help her meet basic needs for herself  and 7-year old daughter, including 2 bicycles, purchase of a TCTV membership, tools for her bee hive production, dinners, transportation, business consulting, and a mutual pledge of cooperation. As a small recompense, a pop-up ad containing the above avatar image was accepted by her on her evergreen bee sanctuary web site, only to be deleted without notice upon the 1st criticism by a complete stranger in an internet cafe. Loyalty, gratitude, and respect for free speech/expression are foreign currency in Olytown.

Censorship, it would seem, goes hand in glove with Olympia’s march toward becoming a virtual gated city, not only in law, but culturally and in spirit. The State Capitol’s mean streets are replete with criminalizing an entire underclass (the homeless) by definition, skyrocketing property crime rates, deliberate failure to provide public restrooms after hours as a vacuous effort to bring law & order including censorship by this bastion of privileged upper middle-class white swells who stand as gatekeepers against the uncouth and great unwashed.

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Montana Street Justice

The lowdown on Montana’s most notorious lowlifes:

-unabomber 3.jpg_20080521.jpg

by Eric Dietrich

Henry Plummer

In May 1863, Henry Plummer was elected sheriff of Bannack, the town that would become Montana’s first territorial capital. The following January, he was hanged on his own gallows by Vigilantes, who blamed him for organizing a criminal gang responsible for more than 100 murders.

The truth of his guilt is far from settled — though some say he shed some light on the matter when, approaching the noose, he offered to trade his life for his weight in gold from a hidden stash. When his effort at bargaining failed, he asked his executioners instead for “good drop,” meaning a quickly broken neck.

It’s unclear whether he got the swift death he wanted, but his corpse didn’t get to rest easy itself. His skull, stolen from the grave by a pair of drunken coal minors, is reported to have ended up displayed for several years in a saloon before disappearing.

Jack Slade

Jack Slade, another victim of Montana’s Vigilantes, had spent much of the late 1850s and early 1860s as a superintendent for stagecoach routes between the East and California. He developed a reputation for enforcing order with often-brutal methods — shooting and killing at least one subordinate, for instance.

After being fired by his employer for drunkenness, he ran afoul of Virginia City’s vigilantes in 1864, where he was lynched for disturbing the peace. [A metaphor for TCTV?] His widow, swearing that he wouldn’t be buried in this “damned territory,” shipped his remains to Salt Lake City with a keg of whiskey.

Harvey “Kid Curry” Logan

Harvey Logan, or “Kid Curry” as he is better known, came to Montana when he was 16. He led a reportedly lawful existence at first, trying his hand at ranching south of Landusky. That came to an end when a feud saw him shoot a saloon owner.

After skipping town for Wyoming, Kid Curry ended up as part of a gang eventually known as the Wild Bunch, along with George Parker and Harry Longabaugh, better known themselves as “Butch Cassidy” and the “Sundance Kid.”

The Wild Bunch’s string of legendary robberies included one of the most successful train robberies in U.S. history, when, in July 1901, they held up a Great Northern Railway train west of Malta, and got away with $41,500 in unsigned tender.

Kid Curry was arrested later that same year in Tennessee for forging bank notes. After escaping from prison in 1903, his path is somewhat unclear, but some say he ended up dying in a gunfight after a botched 1904 train robbery in Colorado.

Christopher William “Shorty” Young’

“Shorty” Young was broke when he arrived in Havre in 1894. Over the next 35 years, however, he built an operation that was said to rival the vice empire of famed Chicago mobster Al Capone.

After making enough gambling to buy out the boss he had operated a roulette wheel for, Young built up gambling and prostitution establishments, including the Mint Saloon and the Montana European Hotel and Grill, more commonly called the Honky Tonk. During the Prohibition, his ruthless “Havre Bunch” trafficked liquor from Canada through Havre, reportedly delivering to every state except Maine.

Young’s empire, however, began crumbling after Montanans voted to end prohibition in 1926, and he was raided by federal agents in 1929. When he died in 1944, only 50 friends attended his funeral. In an act of civic generosity, he left his property and remaining money to Havre’s “poor and needy.”

Ted Kaczynski

A one-time Berkeley math professor, Theodore Kaczynski came to Montana in the 1970s, living in a 10-by-12-foot cabin outside of Lincoln.

He acquired the nickname by which he is better known, the “Unabomber,” through a series of 16 mail bombs he sent between 1978 and 1995, killing three people and injuring 23, apparently in an attempt to protest the impact of industrialization and modern technology.

He was apprehended in 1996, after the FBI persuaded the New York Times and Washington Post to publish his 35,000-word manifesto on industrial society and his brother, David, came forward with his suspicion about the Unabomber’s identity.

Now 72, Kaczynski was sentenced in 1998 to life without parole and is held in a supermaxium security prison near Florence, Colo.

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IPCC: Fossil fuels should be ‘phased out by 2100′

Chimneys billowing smoke

by Matt McGrath (BBC News)

“Those who choose to ignore or dispute the science so clearly laid out in this report do so at great risk for all of us and for our kids and grandkids” –John Kerry, US Secretary of State–

The unrestricted use of fossil fuels should be phased out by 2100, if the world is to avoid dangerous climate change, a UN-backed expert panel says.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says in a stark report that most of the world’s electricity can – and must – be produced from low-carbon sources by 2050.

If not, the world faces “severe, pervasive and irreversible” damage.

The UN said inaction would cost “much more” than taking the necessary action.

“Science has spoken,” Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said. “There is no ambiguity in their message. Leaders must act. Time is not on our side.”

The IPCC’s Synthesis Report was published on Sunday in Copenhagen, after a week of intense debate between scientists and government officials.

“There is a myth that climate action will cost heavily,” said Mr Ban, “but inaction will cost much more.”

“We have to first lower the temperature as you will to do with your children, that is what we are doing, that requires some massive, urgent and immediate action.”

The US Secretary of State, John Kerry, described the report as “another canary in the coal mine”.

“Those who choose to ignore or dispute the science so clearly laid out in this report do so at great risk for all of us and for our kids and grandkids,” Mr Kerry said in a statement.

Rapid phase out

The report says that reducing emissions is crucial if global warming is to be limited to 2C – a target acknowledged in 2009 as the threshold of dangerous climate change.

For electricity production, this would mean a rapid move away from coal and into renewables and other low carbon forms, including nuclear.

The report suggests renewables will have to grow from their current 30% share to 80% of the power sector by 2050.

In the longer term the report states “fossil fuel power generation without CCS is phased out almost entirely by 2100″.

CCS refers to “carbon capture and storage” technology, which could help limit emissions but is proving slow to develop.

Three previous reports from the IPCC, issued over the past 13 months, have outlined the causes, the impacts and the potential solutions to climate change.

The Synthesis boils these three into one, with the intention of informing politicians engaged in attempts to deliver a new global treaty on climate by the end of 2015.

It re-states many familiar positions:

  • Warming is “unequivocal” and the human influence on climate is clear
  • Since the 1950s the observed changes are unprecedented over decades to millennia
  • The period from 1983 to 2012, it says, was likely the warmest 30 year period of the last 1,400 years
  • Warming impacts are already being seen around the globe, in the acidification of the oceans, the melting of arctic ice and poorer crop yields in many parts
  • Without concerted action on carbon, temperatures will increase over the coming decades and could be almost 5C above pre-industrial levels by the end of this century

Countries will need to adapt rapidly, but almost all scenarios see near zero emissions by 2100.


Analysis: David Shukman, BBC science editor

The language in the UN’s climate reports has been steadily ratcheted up over the years, but this publication lays out the options more bluntly than before.

The conclusion that fossil fuels cannot continue to be burned in the usual way – and must be phased out by the end of the century – presents governments with an unusually stark choice.

The head of the IPCC, Dr Rajendra Pachauri, has tried to make it more palatable by saying that fossil fuel use can continue if the carbon emissions are captured and stored: so-called CCS. But so far the world only has one commercially-operating plant of that type, in Canada, and progress is far slower than many had hoped to making the technology either widespread or affordable.

So this raises the difficult question of how key governments are likely to respond.

The last big climate gathering – in New York in September – saw leader after leader talk up the need for action on global warming. But events in Copenhagen back in 2009, when a disastrous and dysfunctional summit failed to agree on anything substantial, showed how easily rhetoric crumbles in the face of economic pressures or domestic realities.

The talk today is that attitudes have somehow changed, that next year’s summit in Paris really does have a chance to reach a global agreement. Let’s see.


“We can’t afford to burn all the fossil fuels we have without dealing with the waste product which is CO2 and without dumping it in the atmosphere,” said Prof Myles Allen from Oxford University, and a member of the IPCC core writing team.

“If we can’t develop carbon capture we will have to stop using fossil fuels if we want to stop dangerous climate change, that is a very clear message that comes out of the IPCC reports.”

The clarity of the language over the future of coal, oil, and gas was welcomed by campaigners.

“What they have said is that we must get to zero emissions, and that’s new,” said Samantha Smith from World Wildlife Fund.

“The second thing is they said that it is affordable, it is not going to cripple economies.”

Saudi concerns

In the IPCC’s discussions on fossil fuels, there was a fierce battle over a chart that showed how much the electricity sector needed to curb its carbon.

According to one observer, “the Saudis went ballistic” over its inclusion.

Another significant fight was over the inclusion of text about Article 2 of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

It quickly became a standoff between those who want the focus to be on cutting emissions against those who think the right to develop economies must come first.

An unlikely alliance between Bolivia and Saudi Arabia ultimately saw the section dropped entirely from the underlying report.

“There was a box in the draft, and in the end that box wasn’t included in the underlying report,” said Prof Petersen.

“History will tell us whether it was wise or not, there are lessons to be learned here.”

Some of those attending said they believed that that tackling climate change and sustainable development went hand in hand.

“Different countries come to different perspectives” said Prof Jim Skea from Imperial College and a review editor of the report.

“But from the science perspective, we need them both. We need to walk and chew gum at the same time.”

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Digital Hate Mail from Olympia’s ‘Bob Johnson’?

Olympia, WA (10-29-14) – It’s been said nobody knows you’re a dog on the internet. Nobody there knows if you’re sane either. Normally the mentally ill quickly tire of inflammatory hate induced screeds to the editor of their local paper or community blog. This publication, however, has been targeted repeatedly by one calling himself ‘Bob Johnson’. The remarks are directed at who the writer presumes is the editor and accuses the same of “taking photos of young girls without their consent,” of “being hated by the community” and of not qualifying as a “serious journalist.” [etc.]

e.g. “It’s been obvious to me that you are a creepy misogynist from reading many of your previous posts, and observing how much of your free time is spent stalking and taking voyeuristic photos of young girls without their consent.” And, “Hopefully once you have a moment of clarity, and realize that everyone here sees you for who you really are, you’ll move to Alabama or Texas or somewhere where pushy white shitbags like you are a dime a dozen. You’ll feel right at home then, and can sit around drinking sweet tea and talking with the boys about all the young cunts you took pics of that weekend …”

Anonymity is prized by internet trolls precisely because it is so easily abused. Admittedly, ‘Bob Johnson’ is a pretty common name. But, an investigation reveals this particular writer pursuing a campaign of cyber stalking, thinly veiled threats, and harassment uses Olympia as his base of operation and Comcast as his access point to the greater internet world. Is ‘Bob Johnson’ known to this publication?–no, but his profile is becoming more familiar.

There *is* a Bob Johnson who owns Capitol City Guitars on Olympia’s 4th Ave. near Capitol Blvd.  If it’s the same Bob, it could explain his sense of entitlement and arrogance. Having attempted to insert himself in this publication, curiosity arose about WHO was baiting this community blog. The writer made it clear he was more than annoyed about photos publicly taken without permission, about “young girls”, and about excluding the object of his ire.

More research revealed the following intriguing facts about someone who may feel quite comfortable using the internet to launch personal attacks and intimidation:


Bob Johnson hizzelf


Misogynistic Behavior?


Photo Taken w/Bob Johnson’s Blessings


2nd Amendment Advocate


Definitely no Misogyny here! — Music, Music, Music!


Pink Unicorn as a Musical Motif?


Alter Egos


Homecoming Queen?

Culture wars aside, there may be a more sinister aspect of Bob revealed in the following Daily Olympian article and comments that followed it as reported in 420 Magazine:

420 Magazine article

 POT Bust Nets Teacher

LACEY, WA – A North Thurston High School teacher is among three Olympia-area men accused of operating a marijuana-growing operation in a Centralia home, according to Lewis County law enforcement.

Glenn D. Larson, a Spanish-language teacher and the girls bowling coach at North Thurston High School, owns a home in the 100 block of Davis Hill Road in Centralia that law enforcement officials say had a crawl space remodeled with an “unusually elaborate” setup for growing marijuana.

“Usually, we find extension cords hanging from the ceiling,” Lewis County Sheriff’s Department Commander Steve Aust said. “They had ballasts that were properly mounted. The wiring was done in a professional manner.”

Larson and Larry D. Williams both of Lacey and Noel W. Lieseke of Olympia face charges of manufacture of marijuana, a felony.

Larson and Lieseke were booked into the Lewis County Jail on Wednesday and made initial appearances in Lewis County Superior Court on Thursday afternoon. Both were released from custody shortly after 5 p.m. Thursday, jail records show.

Aust said he did not know what Williams and Lieseke do for a living; he added that they are not teachers or professional electricians.

Aust said he was not sure how the three men knew one another but said that there was evidence that all three had participated in the grow operation.

There is no evidence that students were involved, he said.

The Lewis County PUD tipped off the task force after finding electricity improperly diverted to Larson’s house, Aust said.

Law enforcement officers found about 700 marijuana plants in various stages of processing, including 360 plants growing, during a raid Jan. 25, he said. No one was at the home.

Williams was arrested Jan. 29, and Lieseke was arrested Wednesday.

Officers arrested Larson after school Wednesday at the North Thurston district office, Aust said.

Larson is on administrative leave; whether he will be paid will depend on the outcome of court proceedings, district spokeswoman Courtney Schrieve said. She said district officials are cooperating with law enforcement and are working to get a permanent substitute for Larson’s classes.

Girls bowling, which Larson has coached for seven years, ended with a trip to the state competition last week for one bowler.

“It’s unfortunate, and it’s a distraction. But we’re about making sure that we can get the kids on track in their classes,” Schrieve said.

A felony conviction could affect Larson’s teaching license, even though the charge appears to be unrelated to his job, said Charles Schreck, director of the Office of Professional Practices, which has not started any investigation on this case because it has not received a complaint and Larson has not been convicted.

Teachers are expected to live up to a standard of “good moral character and personal fitness,” which includes not having felony convictions, Schreck said.

News Hawk- Weedpipe
Source: The Olympian
Contact: Front Page – The Olympian – Olympia, Washington
Copyright: 2010 The Olympian
Website:Pot bust nets teacher

But, WAIT–There’s more! [comments left on the 420 Magazine site]

by luva-live (01-14-2011, 02:04 PM)

Well, the teacher’s trial is set for Feb. 14. I (Noel) was slapped on the wrist (30 days home monitoring and 24 mo. probation). My deal was sweet because I did not give a statement to the police/court. What they didn’t tell you in the Olympian (though it was printed in the Lewis County Chronicle, Feb. 11th 2010) was that Robert Johnson (owner of Capital City Guitars in Olympia) who was the funding for the construction of the operation and labor organizer, was the one who turned state witness and gave an hour long statement to the police to keep himself out of jail. What a slime-ball! The cops decided not to enter two 25-gallon bins full of finished buds in the evidence list (which shouldn’t surprise anyone) and the district attorney has based his case on lies against the teacher, an obvious political and media attention scheme. It ended up there were only about 500 plants, and about 100 were ready for harvest–beautiful Romulin and Northern Lights. The power connection was done poorly, in very wet conditions (underground spring went right through there). One of the poles shorted out, which didn’t affect the grow space. Yet the house had lost the 240v appliances, as well as the neighbor’s on the road reported loss of their 240v service. I would suggest to keep your place under 8000w and stay on the grid. Open other operations if you want to expand. There were 35,000w at this place; it would have probably worked if it weren’t for the connection. It’s not worth the risk.

by Ratbobjohnson (08-04-2011, 08:24 AM)

That is a lie! Noel ratted on the teacher too! Bob Johnson ran up a $30,000 credit card bill at Home Depot. Bob Johnson from Capital City Guitatrs, who rolled and lied before he even had a deal, had his employees and girlfriend prune and cultivate with Larry, and Noel. Bob Johnson did all the electrical. He even tried to get his landlord, Sandy, in trouble, if it would have gone federal. He said Sandy is an east coast Jew, who made his money selling coke in the 70’s and 80’s; now he is legit through real estate. Bob Johnson is such a moron, he did not even consider the statute of limitations. He is a liar and a rat! Larson is innocent! It only takes 2 people to lie and get you in trouble, so look out people!

Larry Williams and Bob Johnson rented the house from Larson, who lives in Olympia. The house is in Centralia. There is a lease agreement with Larry Williams name on it. Bob Johnson sold and sells pot out of his store, Capital City Guitars, in Olympia, putting it in a guitar case. He also buys stolen guitars from a pawn shop in Centralia. Then he sells them on e-bay under the name “Bobby Vegas.” Bob Johnson was the ring leader. He got Larry and Noel to implicate Larson, then rolled on them!!! The truth is told!!!!!!!!!!!

by RaysDad (08-04-2011, 09:08 AM)

What a screwed up story from the beginning.

by Ilynnboy (08-04-2011, 01:47 PM)

F’d story. No partners ever!! Doesn’t usually work out well.

by THsea (08-05-2011, 01:45 AM)

This makes me very sad for this Larson fellow. From what the poster RATBOBJ says, it seems he had no involvement what-so-ever. Well, beyond owning and renting out the location.

I was kind of wondering if the house was just owned by one of the three (from the article) and it seems we have our answer. Bad times. I really hope he doesn’t get screwed over (further).

by Ratbobjohnson (08-07-2011, 07:47 AM)

Yeah, Bob Johnson walked away without a scratch. Larson owned the home with other family memebers. They built it for their Mom after their Father died. Bob the rat, could have taken responsibility for himself; he would have received probation.

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TCTV Censors Journalist Member, Burns 1st Amendment

TCTV Trashes 1st Amendment

Olympia, WA — Scientists from Harvard Medical School have discovered a way of turning stem cells into killing machines to fight brain cancer. Researchers were originally stymied in their effort using volunteers from TCTV because those sanctimonious assholes have shit for brains. —> Cursing Poehler

TCTV is an Olympia based 501(C)(3) public service corporation funded by various government agencies (e.g. Tumwater, Olympia, Lacey, Thurston County, etc.), Comcast (per its right-of-way franchise required by said government agencies), AND…fees collected from members masochistic enough to tolerate the abuse, ennui, bullying, and control fetishes staff direct at them. Woe betides the subscribed ‘member’ who has enough spine to complain about or object to the impertinence–but more about that later. Debbie Vinsel is TCTV’s director. She is also a bitch–and since bitches like company (it’s LONELY at the top!), she will make YOU her bitch–more about that later too.

[BTW, ‘bitch’ is one of those part time ‘profanities’/vanities–it’s often used to describe dogs. Readers will have to make up their own mind whether Vinsel is a dog or not. We’re not placing any bets. Woof!]

Unlike most bitches, however, this one is curiously insistent on only the most euphemistic references, the most dulcet tones that rigorously avoid disparaging her or any of her asshole minions, not because she has a cunt, but IS one. She/They expect you to kiss their ass. A fish rots from the head first, and TCTV is no exception…more on that later also. Staff at TCTV may be more irritating than most apparatchiks because none own bed frames.

Lenny Bruce (1925 – 1966) was a pioneer and leading light to modern stand up comedy, a free speech advocate on steroids, an inveterate defender of 1st Amendment principles who ultimately died by his own hand, a broken man brought low by assholes just like those found at TCTV–> a bastion of upper middle class white privilege. Interestingly, their antipathy toward said principles mirrors those of lifestyle @narchists. The connection isn’t clear, at least politically, but possibly privilege offers one explanation. The lifestyle @ssholes are primarily upper middle class whites too. Lenny had found fertile ground.

Paul Krasner writes, I originally met Lenny Bruce in 1959 at the Hotel America in New York. He was scheduled to perform at a midnight show at Town Hall. I had already published an interview with him in The Realist that was conducted by mail, and now I handed him the succeeding issue, which featured an interview with psychologist Albert Ellis, including a discussion of the semantics of profanity. The problem words were spelled out rather than using asterisks or dashes, as was the practice in mainstream media. Bruce had been resorting to euphemisms on stage, and he was amazed that I could get away with it. “Are you telling me this is legal to sell on the newsstands?”

“Absolutely,” I replied. “the Supreme Court’s definition of obscenity is that it has to be material which appeals to your prurient interest.” Bruce magically produced an unabridged dictionary from the suitcase on his bed, and he looked up the word “prurient.”

“Itching,” he mused, “what does that mean, that they can bust a novelty-store owner for selling itching powder along with the dribble glass and the whoopie cushion?”

I explained, “It’s just their way of saying that something gets you horny.” Bruce closed the dictionary, mock-clenching his jaw and nodding his head in affirmation of a new discovery: “So it’s against the law to get you horny!”


We became friends and, a few years later, when Playboy planned to publish his autobiography, “How to Talk Dirty and Influence People,” I was appointed his editor. There have been other books since, but “The Trials of Lenny Bruce,” written by a pair of diligent attorneys, Ronald K.L. Collins and David M. Skover, is the first fully recorded history of Bruce’s relationship with the 1st Amendment.

Compared to the traditional stand-up comics of the 1950s who told mysogynist jokes about their wives’ cooking, driving and frigidity, Lenny Bruce was a cultural mutation. With empathetic irreverence, he would create mini-theatrical dialogues — about racism, sexuality, nuclear testing, teachers’ salaries, drug laws, abortion rights, organized religion — peppered with improvised spoken-jazz riffs. He loved to play show-and-tell with his audiences. When Gary Cooper died, he brought the New York Daily News on stage to share a headline: “The Last Roundup!” And after he heard “Spanish Harlem” on the radio, he bought the record, came on stage with a phonograph and played it. “Listen to these lyrics,” he said. “This is like a Puerto Rican ‘Porgy & Bess.’ “

When John F. Kennedy won the presidential election in 1960, a young unknown impressionist, Vaughn Meader, seized the opportunity. He began to comb his hair with a flamboyant pompadour that dipped across his forehead. He consciously regressed to the Boston accent that he had tried so hard to lose. And he produced a comedy album, “The First Family,” that broke sales records and turned him into a star. A week after the assassination of JFK, Lenny Bruce kept his commitment to perform at the Village Theater on the Lower East Side. The country was still in a state of shock, and the atmosphere at the theater was especially tense. The entire audience was anticipating what Bruce would say about the assassination. He walked on stage and removed the microphone from its stand. When the applause for his entrance subsided, he just stood there for several seconds, milking the tension. “Whew!” he finally whistled into the microphone. “Vaughn Meader is screwed.” Although Collins and Skover meticulously researched “The Trials of Lenny Bruce” — finding the transcripts for each one of the trials took years — one error via a secondhand source must be acknowledged here. Referring to Bruce’s classic opening line at that post-assassination show, the authors incorrectly write: “With a paranoid fix on the jam-packed audience, he broke the silence: ‘Don’t shoot!’ “

Although Bruce was arrested several times, ostensibly on obscenity charges, his actual offense was blasphemy, as in his routine “Religions, Inc.,” and he knew it. “The reason I’ve been busted a lot these last couple of years is because of [my] religious point of view. That’s what it’s all been about.” In December 1962, Bruce was performing at the Gate of Horn in Chicago. He had been reading a study of anti-Semitism by Jean-Paul Sartre, and he was intrigued by the implications of a statement by Adolf Eichmann, orchestrator of the Holocaust, that he would have been “not only a scoundrel, but a despicable pig” if he hadn’t carried out Hitler’s orders. Bruce wrote a piece for The Realist, “Letter From a Soldier’s Wife” — namely, Mrs. Eichmann — pleading for compassion to spare her husband’s life. Now, on stage, he credited Thomas Merton’s poem about the Holocaust, and requested that all the lights go off except one dim blue spot. Then he began what was perhaps his most audacious satire, speaking with a German accent: “My name is Adolf Eichmann. And the Jews came every day to what they thought would be fun in the showers. People say I should have been hung. ‘Nein.’ Do you recognize the whore in the middle of you — that you would have done the same if you were there yourselves? My defense: I was a soldier. I saw the end of a conscientious day’s effort. I watched through the portholes. I saw every Jew burned and turned into soap. Do you people think yourselves better because you burned your enemies at long distance with missiles without ever seeing what you had done to them? Hiroshima, ‘auf Wiedersehen.’ [German accent ends.] If we would have lost the war, they would have strung [President] Truman up by the balls ….”


Bruce was arrested on obscenity charges that night. One of the items in the police report complained: “Then talking about the war he stated, ‘If we would have lost the war, they would have strung Truman up by the balls.” The head of the vice squad warned the manager of the Gate of Horn: “If this man ever uses a four-letter word in this club again, I’m going to pinch you and everyone in here. If he ever speaks against religion, I’m going to pinch you and everyone in here. Do you understand? You’ve had good people here. But he mocks the pope — and I’m speaking as a Catholic — I’m here to tell you your license is in danger. We’re going to have someone here watching every show.” Chicago had the largest number of Roman Catholics of any archdiocese in the country. Bruce’s jury consisted entirely of Catholics. The judge was Catholic. The prosecutor and his assistant were Catholic. On Ash Wednesday, the judge removed the spot of ash from his forehead and ordered the bailiff to instruct all the others to do likewise. The sight of a judge, two prosecutors and 12 jurors, every one with a spot of ash on their foreheads, had the surrealistic flavor of a wild Brucean image. In San Francisco, a jury had found Lenny Bruce not guilty of obscenity — arresting officers admitted on the witness stand that his material didn’t arouse their prurient interest — but in Chicago, the judge refused to permit that line of cross-examination by the defense. Bruce wondered, “What’s wrong with appealing to the prurient interest? We appeal to the killing interest.”

“I figured out after four years why I got arrested so many times,” Bruce would say. “I do my act at, perhaps, 11 at night; little do I know that 11 a.m. the next morning, before the grand jury somewhere, there’s another guy doing my act who’s introduced as Lenny Bruce in substance…. A peace officer … does the act. The grand jury watches him work and says, ‘That stinks!’ But I get busted. And the irony is I have to go to court and defend his act.”

Usually, that would consist of a list of offensive words taken out of context. Inspector Herbert S. Ruhe, a former CIA agent in Vietnam, was assigned to monitor Bruce’s show at the Cafe Au Go Go in Greenwich Village. He submitted his notes to Richard H. Kuh, an assistant district attorney, who took the matter directly to Manhattan Dist. Atty. Frank Hogan. Bruce would later comment on Ruhe’s courtroom performance: “This guy is bumbling, and I’m going to jail. He’s not only got it all wrong, but now he thinks he’s a comic. I’m going to be judged on his bad timing, his ego, his garbled language.”

Ruhe also testified that Bruce had engaged in obscene conduct. “Bruce moved the microphone backwards and forwards for a few minutes, something like this” — simulating a masturbatory act — “he was making a gesture towards his crotch.” Later, appealing to a three-judge panel, Bruce pleaded: “Your honor, the gestures, masturbations, were gestures of benediction. I did a bit on Catholicism. How perverse [my attorney] would be to defend me for gestures of masturbation. They were meant to be gestures of benediction …. The court hasn’t heard the show …. [P]lease let me testify. Let me tell you what the show is about …. Finally to talk to the court …. Please, your honor, I so desperately want your respect …. Don’t finish me off in show business. Don’t lock up these 6,000 words.”

In an incongruous fantasy at the Au Go Go, Bruce had confessed, “The most beautiful body I’ve ever seen was at a party in 1945. I was in the bedroom getting the coats. The powder-room door had been left intentionally ajar, and I viewed the most perfect bosom peeking out from the man-tailored blouse above a tweed pegged skirt …. Eleanor Roosevelt had the prettiest tits I had ever seen or dreamed that I had seen ….” Bruce was arrested for giving an obscene performance, and at the top of the police complaint was “Eleanor Roosevelt and her display of tits.” Ultimately, Bruce fired all his lawyers and defended himself. He was found guilty, even though the law stated that, to be obscene, material must be utterly without any redeeming social importance; thus, if one single person felt that Bruce’s performances had the slightest bit of redeeming social importance — and there were several who so testified — then he should have been found not guilty.


Bruce’s most relevant argument concerned the very obscenity statute that he’d been accused of violating. As his legal homework, he had obtained the legislative history of that statute from Albany, and he discovered that in 1931 there had been an amendment proposed that excluded from arrest in an obscene performance: stagehands, spectators, musicians and — here was the fulcrum of his defense — actors. The law had been misapplied to him. Despite opposition by the New York Society for the Suppression of Vice, the amendment had finally been signed into law by then-New York Gov. Roosevelt. “Ignoring the mandate of Franklin D. Roosevelt,” observed Lenny the lawyer, “is a great deal more offensive than saying Eleanor has lovely nay-nays.” Before sentencing, prosecutor Kuh recommended that no mercy be granted because Bruce had shown “a complete lack of any remorse whatsoever.” Bruce responded, “I’m not here for remorse but for justice. The issue is not obscenity but that I spit in the face of authority.” The face of authority spit back at Bruce by sentencing him to four months in the workhouse. In the press room of the Criminal Courts Building, a reporter asked, “Do you believe in obscenity?” Bruce replied, “What do you mean? Do I believe we should pray for obscenity?”

Bruce was a comedic pioneer who only wanted to exercise the same freedom to communicate without compromise on stage that he had in his living room. What’s shocking about “The Trials of Lenny Bruce” is not his utterances so much as the contrast between what he got arrested for and what is now taken for granted by the audiences of talented performers such as George Carlin, Margaret Cho and Chris Rock, and in the critical reception of such taboo-breaking cable-TV series as “Sex and the City” and “Six Feet Under.” Today, Robin Williams freely pantomimes cunnilingus, and the cable-TV series “South Park” proudly presents a sponsored, highly scatological episode about priestly child abuse. Bruce realized that prosecutors and judges were more interested in the advancement of their own careers than in his free-speech rights. In fact, wrote Nat Hentoff in the Village Voice, “Three lawyers in Kuh’s bureau, appalled at Bruce being set up … begged Kuh to hear Bruce for himself, and then decide whether Bruce ought to be busted. Kuh … refused, adding, ‘Stay out of this unless you want to be switched to the rackets bureau.’ ” And, according to one attorney, “After the trial of Bruce was over, I had a call from Judge Creel, who … said Judge Phipps also wanted to acquit Bruce but that [Chief] Judge Murtagh threatened to assign him to traffic court for the rest of his term if he did.” In a documentary about Hogan, the New York district attorney, former Asst. Dist. Atty. Vincent Cuccia confessed: “[Bruce] was prosecuted because of his words. He didn’t harm anybody, he didn’t commit an assault, he didn’t steal, he didn’t engage in any conduct which directly harmed someone else. So therefore he was punished first and foremost because of the words that he used. It’s wrong to prosecute anybody because of his ideas. It was the only thing I did in Hogan’s office that I’m really ashamed of. We drove him into poverty and used the law to kill him.”

“The date of Lenny Bruce’s death,” in 1966, the authors of “The Trials of Lenny Bruce” conclude, “is as good a marker as any of the moment when words alone — any performance words spoken in comedy clubs — ceased to be targets of prosecution.” The book comes with an CD containing relevant excerpts from interviews and Bruce’s performances, ranging from his poetic descriptions (a judge with “thick fingers and the homemade glass eye”) to his bit about prosecutors using in court the same words that Bruce got arrested for: “[Bruce] said ‘blah-blah-blah’ — then I dug something — they liked saying ‘blah-blah-blah.’ ” Moreover, hidden in the gray attache case that Bruce always carried into court was a portable reel-to-reel tape recorder, which captured Kuh reveling in those words as he cross-examined witnesses for the defense.

“The Trials of Lenny Bruce” serves as the missing link between two of Bruce’s statements: “In the Halls of Justice, the only justice is in the halls.” And, “I love the law.” Indeed, as club owners became increasingly afraid to hire him, he devoted more and more time and energy to the law, and when he finally got a booking in Monterey, he admitted, “I feel like it’s taking me away from my work.”

TCTV Crucifies Pure Speech

Asshole in chief and top bitch, Debbie Vinsel, sent the following letter after conducting what amounted to a secret straw poll:

October 22, 2014

John Smith
Olympia, WA

RE: Incident at TCTV on October 17, 2014


On the evening of October 17, you called me, at my home, to discuss a situation at TCTV.   


I accept your explanation about the gesture you made.   However, I am most concerned about your conduct after Maxwell questioned you about it. 


Based on reports received from people present at the time, you repeatedly raised your voice, used profanity, and called Robert a disparaging name.  Your conduct frightened other members and children that were present, and prevented staff from attending to their duties for more than an hour. 


Because of your conduct, in accordance with the TCTV Operating Policies and Procedures, I am suspending your TCTV Membership and all member privileges until May 1, 2015.  Beginning today, October 22, 2014, you are prohibited from entering the TCTV facility or attending any TCTV sponsored function or event.  You will not be allowed to reserve the studio or edit suites or check out portable equipment.  


Further, if another incident with TCTV ever occurs where you cannot control your temper or you disparage another person, your membership will be permanently revoked. 


The TCTV Operating Policies, Section 6.2 and Section 6.3 state:


6.2  Code Of Conduct  

Individuals and organizations using the TCTV facilities and channels must agree to abide by all TCTV policies regarding the use of equipment or channels for the production and presentation of their programming.  In addition, they are expected to respect the rights and dignity of the staff and other individuals in the facility.  Conduct that discriminates against or degrades any person will not be tolerated.  A reasonable standard of courtesy and respect must be observed.  TCTV reserves the right to restrict any person from using TCTV facilities for violation of this or other policies that result in the disruption of TCTV activities and operations…

     F. Harassment, threats and/or physical harm: Threatening, intimidating or harassing another with intent to substantially harm the person with respect to his or her physical safety or mental health.  This includes causing physical harm to any person or property on TCTV premises or at any TCTV sponsored activity or causing reasonable apprehension of such harm to another person…


     G. Disrupting TCTV functions: Intentionally and/or recklessly interfering with the normal TCTV operations or with TCTV sponsored activities.


6.3 Disciplinary Actions

Engaging in any of the acts prohibited in Section 6.2 may result in immediate revocation of all member privileges.


Violation of any other TCTV policies may result in suspension or revocation of privileges.  The TCTV Executive Director will determine the termination or length of any suspension based on circumstances surrounding and the severity of the incident(s) that resulted in the suspension.  Services may also be suspended or prohibited to individuals for criminal activities off-site that may pose a danger to TCTV or its operations.


Airing programming on Channel 22 does not require a membership.  Therefore, during the suspension period, you may submit programming to air by either mailing it or having someone deliver it to us.  


If you would like to retrieve the video material you currently have on one of the G-raid mini hard drives, you may send or have someone deliver a hard drive to which we can copy the data.    We will keep the material on the TCTV hard drive until December 1, 2014.   If you have not arranged to have your material copied by that date, we will erase the drive.


If you wish to contest this decision, you may appeal it to the TCTV Board of Directors by sending me a written Request to Appeal of Decision with 30 days of the date of this letter.  The TCTV Board of Directors will schedule a meeting to consider an appeal within 30 days of the receipt of any request.


Deborah S. Vinsel, CEO

cc:   TCTV Board of Directors


(Pending — In Progress)

PROFANE:  [pruh-feyn, proh-]


1. characterized by irreverence or contempt for God or sacred principles or things; irreligious.
2. not devoted to holy or religious purposes; unconsecrated; secular (opposed to sacred ).
3. unholy; heathen; pagan: profane rites.
4. not initiated into religious rites or mysteries, as persons.
5. common or vulgar.
verb (used with object), profaned, profaning.
6. to misuse (anything that should be held in reverence or respect);defile; debase; employ basely or unworthily.
7. to treat (anything sacred) with irreverence or contempt; violate the sanctity of:

to profane a shrine.
1. blasphemous, sacrilegious, impious, ungodly. 2. temporal. 3. unhallowed.5. low, mean, base. 7. desecrate.
1. sacred. 2. spiritual. 3. holy.

[So, according to standard dictionary definitions, what the bitch is on about amounts to religion, her sacred cows, her biases/prejudices which, by dint of abuse of whatever authority she supposes she has. Perhaps she was confused and MEANT ‘obscene’, but…]

OBSCENE: [uh b-seen]



1. offensive to morality or decency; indecent; depraved: obscene language.
2. causing uncontrolled sexual desire. [appealing to prurient interests!?]
3. abominable; disgusting; repulsive.
Can be confused

Except ‘obscene’, legally speaking (as noted in the article above) MEANS completely without any scientific, literary, social, political, or artistic merit AND appealing to the listener’s/reader’s PRURIENT interest (making them horny, which is a core duty of government and every ‘decent’ hypocrite to prevent). So if even one person finds some redeeming merit OR it doesn’t make you horny, by case law definition, it is NOT obscene material. But, no matter if she can stick the pointy end of her shoe up your ass (another ambiguous ‘profanity’ dealing with the sacred part of someone’s anatomy?–or maybe just your cow’s best friend).

But what about ‘DISPARAGE’? Everyone knows that’s criminal, forbidden, and unheard of in polite society. Nobody in a civilized nation gossips or speaks ill of another. It simply isn’t done.

DISPARAGE: [dih-spar-ij]

verb (used with object), disparaged, disparaging.

1. to speak of or treat slightingly; depreciate; belittle:

Do not disparage good manners.
2. to bring reproach or discredit upon; lower the estimation of:

Your behavior will disparage the whole family.

OK, clearly here’s the rub because Robert Kam and Kate WERE disparaged. “Robert Kam is a prig and you know it!” [When given Viagra, he just gets taller.] “I don’t know what they think they saw [bird], but they’re full of shit!” Kate, TCTV’s President (she nakedly/proudly pointed out) of its board of directors was asked to stop lying and to leave the proximity of the conversation that was being conducted with Maxwell, the belligerent member services staffer with the perennial chip on his shoulder and look of boredom/long sufferance on his face–the catalyst in this episode of Angry Birds. It’s the rub because some of us reserve the right to disparage an asshole/Nazi, either in person or absentia. Some of us reserve the right to call a spade a spade, to tell the truth no matter how uncomfortable, to speak up for ourselves when unfairly attacked/accused, to demand some kind of fairness even faintly resembling due process, to examine the accusation against us and to confront our accusers. Vinsel opined TCTV wasn’t a court of law (this may prove good news even yet) and was obviously unflapped by the deliberate failure to provide even a scintilla of what most Americans regard as traditional values such as fairness and the meaningful opportunity to mount a defense. In this instance, that opportunity will have to wait for another more competent forum where the assholes don’t hold full sway and truth isn’t assessed by one’s finger in the wind. Maxwell wasn’t flipped off, but he probably should have been–and not behind his back either. The same can be said for Robert Kam, Kate Jantz-Koprivnik, and Maxwell ‘not-so-smart’ Brown. If you see them, give them the respect they deserve with a one-fingered salute.

The basis for bigotry at TCTV is reflected in the all too common white American attitude, “We here are all alike, and if any among us is different, let them be with others!”

“The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous. Hierarchical society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance…The war is waged by the ruling group against its own subjects and its object is not the victory over either Eurasia or East Asia, but to keep the very structure of society in tact.” -George Orwell, 1984-

“Did you really think we want those laws observed?” said Dr. Ferris. “We want them to be broken. You’d better get it straight that it’s not a bunch of boy scouts you’re up against… We’re after power and we mean it… There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws. Who wants a nation of law-abiding citizens? What’s there in that for anyone? But just pass the kind of laws that can neither be observed nor enforced or objectively interpreted – and you create a nation of law-breakers – and then you cash in on guilt. Now that’s the system, Mr. Reardon, that’s the game, and once you understand it, you’ll be much easier to deal with.”
–Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, Ch. III, “White Blackmail”–

Or, as in TCTV’s case, when tyranny/injustice becomes constitutionally frustrating, outsource/privatize it.



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