The Strokers @ Their Best Lynching 1-Handed Destitute Mother

Raven Sans Strokers before the Day the Music Died

Hans Tells How Saintly He Is While Destroying Destitute Single Mother of 3 small children

Kat Tells How She’s Done w/Laissez Faire, Steals Children

Hans Transcript of How to Call a Dog Mad Before Killing It

Kat Stroker Transcript of How to Justify Kidnapping, Perjury & Decades of Parental Alienation

Kat Calls 911 After an Hour of Visitation from Destitute 1-Handed Daughter

(The Delusional Obsessively Compulsive Possessive Kathryn Stroker Continues to refer to the stolen babies as “Our Grandchildren” as though Hans was Selena’s father–a desperate strategy by an ugly rotting heap of flesh. Hans refers to Alex as his “other son”. Kat told medical staff, though not in these recordings, she was Hazel’s mother and school authorities she was Hazel’s guardian when she was not. “Laissez Faire”? That refers to the casual, even “cordial” open door policy the Strokers paid for over the years they became accustomed and felt entitled to. Though warned and prophesied over the years, Selena never, even today, managed or was inclined to protect herself from her fate. Kat mentions “crack cocaine”. But she leaves out inconvenient details. e.g. Kat called Breckan Scott, esq. 3 times before Scott was awake to take the 3rd call. The boutique lawyer advised calling the police as did Alex, the “other son” according to Hans. Nor do ‘professional mental health experts, if he were one, give mental health assessments of their sister in an adversarial court proceeding, nor had Alex ever done an intake on or ‘examined’ Selena. Still, Selena is currently so irrevocably afflicted with the years of disparagement, the decades of abuse and gaslighting payoff that allowed her to avoid having to pay her own rent or baby sitter she cannot heal or meaningfully fend for/protect herself even today. Mr. Dewitt, her hogtied civil attorney at $50/hr w/10 hour max renumeration, will not, at Selena’s insistence, take/scrutinize exculpatory newly discovered evidence, malpractice being his most profitable asset. e.g. the criminal misconduct of the Stokers, their attorney’s unlawful use of a fake subpoena, and Robert Kurtz’s stalking, invasion of privacy, and impersonation of a LEO. Selena is on a direct course of having her rights as a parent forever extinguished and jail time. She believes Portland is her new home, but she was unable to protect herself there. None of her advocates accompanied her on her ill fated journey to visit her children–she did not ask her closest lifetime allies–save one, the violently abusive homeless epileptic Robby Goodwin who did less than nothing to save Selena from herself…a fool’s errand to be sure. The pain of an unrewarding journey that began even before Selena lost her hand at 19 is nearly complete, and I, for one–perhaps not the only one, will always miss and remember her as the most human, spiteful and lovable of my children. She was the canary in the mineshaft of monsters and truly ugly ultra-wealthy Americans like the Strokers. Her dreams may not have come true, but they gave her hope just the same–the antithesis of the Faustian bargain the Strokers had to offer.)

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  1. admin says:

    Ever wonder what the flip side Turing test might look like in reverse? It you cannot tell the difference between a machine and a human sitting out-of-sight in the next room, then the biological human is artificially intelligent. In fact, wet ware isn’t the sin qua non of the distinction.

    Point: People can become machines, especially in their institutional and organizational guise. Juries, police departments, administrations, political parties, justice systems, military units can all become so scripted, so rigid and devoid of empathy they become indistinguishable from the robots and algorithms that have become dominate in our lives–from our banks to our health care systems, we find ourselves inexorably in the maw of machines, human apparatchiks or circuit boards, we are all prisoners of our own devices and can never leave.

    So it is with the Stokers implicated in this narrative and the above storyline contained in the dungeons of court archives. Each may have been born from human stock but evolved into the cold blank expression seen on any computer terminal–the very sould of a machine that eats its own children, then steals those of others to satisfy its rapacious compulsion and appetite. We stand at the edge of the abyss, waiting for Godot.
    Welcome to the Machine

    I’m hungry, I’m here, and I’m looking for you…

    First I will eat all your food

    Then I’ll eat your house and your hearth

    Then I will eat your sons and daughters

    And then I will eat your heart…

    Because I’m hungry, I’m here, and I’m looking for you…

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