Occupy Olympia Heritage Park encampment assault, felony harassment of media 12-12-11

Ever wonder what really goes on in homeless encampments and at the Occupy Olympia Heritage Park site where so many homeless have congregated on the coattails of sympathetic political/community activists? Most news gathering organizations take a few photo-op shots and depart. Few or none attempt in depth reporting of the pulse and seamy underside of the squatter community currently entrenched in the park. This report is an effort to dig beneath the surface and discover what is at stake and whether the larger community is willing to pay the price or meet the demands of those homeless denizens arguing what the limits of entitlements they seek should be.

Assault, intimidation, felony harassment of media

The Occupy Olympia Heritage Park encampment turns out to often be a lawless environment where even the Capitol Campus police hesitate to enter. Violence, drugs, and alcohol are prohibited but continue to exist there largely as a product of those homeless elements who have difficulty understanding proscribed boundaries in law and a false sense of entitlement. Photos of the food tent can be seen in this clip. When asked about whether the food stocks there were on the ‘honor system’ to prevent pilfering or abuse, one activist replied they put a locked door on the food tent but it was kicked in the very 1st night. The hysterically aggressive mother can be heard claiming the camp is her home, yet she indicated to Sgt. Zachary Elmore of the Capitol Campus WSP she was merely visiting. She drove away in what the Sgt. described as a fairly new car in good condition, so he assumed she was telling the truth, but she returned later.

The belligerent man holding the stick/club/cane with his back to the camera can be heard arguing how taking pictures is ‘against his religion’. He can also be heard exclaiming how visitors to the park must do what the squatters demand/request. In fact, other photojournalists have been threatened and told they cannot record/photograph activities in the park such as the GA (general assembly) meetings all are supposedly welcome to attend.

It’s been said the test of a person’s virtue is to give them absolute power for 15 minutes. The homeless in Heritage Park hardly have absolute power yet still fail badly. They have suggested they be allowed to seize a brick building where the Public Health Agency once resided but now appears abandoned. It is well this suggestion has met stiff resistance. Judging from the audio in this clip, having the mentally imbalanced and foolhardy taking over a space with doors, walls, and barriers to the police would be an unmitigated disaster. The more aggressive of these folks are homeless for a reason: failure to acknowledge/recognize where the boundaries are. They’re also bigots in their own right with a full pantheon of prejudices they easily promote.

This is not a safe environment for kids, yet children, mothers, the halt, the lame, and the infirm (note wheelchair) obviously reside there. While the confrontational mom deploys histrionics regarding strangers taking photographs in a public park and her knight errant suggests the cameraman could potentially be a pedophile, the fact is many pedophiles are homeless for exactly that reason. It’s unknown whether the encampment has established security screening to filter out registered sex offenders. But if Sgt. Elmore is to be believed, the mother was lying to either him or the reporter. She either lives there or doesn’t, but not both.

The mother can be heard lying about ‘getting in his face’ of the man making the threats. She did so for the benefit of the 911 operator–clearly a street wise operator not above manipulating the system she condemns.  Subsequent audio reveals the Capitol Police are entirely too eager to accept this kind of subterfuge and several camp residents indicated in the audio the cops were more sympathetic with those engaging in the felonious conduct and lying to the police than they were the reporter. This comes out in the interview with the WSP Capitol Police at the edge of the park near the public restrooms building. This will be uploaded after editing to allow you to be  the judge.

The following 3rd party video follows suit, demonstrating how Occupy Olympia fails to have a theory of government up to the challenge of the issues they’re addressing–particularly civil rights.

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