Rochester Police Assault Black Disabled Man in Wheelchair

Rochester, NY (published 5-4-13) – The following video clearly reveals police attacking a wheelchair bound black man waiting on the sidewalk at a bus stop.

Rochester City Police Address: 185 Exchange Blvd, Rochester, NY 14614

Phone:(585) 428-7033

The phone number for the local station house is: (585) 428-7131

As backups arrive, they order the residents to move away (beyond visual observation) and the crowd displays fear of the police for themselves and their children. The police, in turn, clearly fear photographic evidence and witnesses. In effect, the police attempt to render the public blind and deaf to the incident. The upshot for police:community relations is depressingly obvious. Once again, corruption can not be meaningfully differentiated from incompetence in public officials.

Ferretking25 comments,
“There is a protest on May 18th at the corner of Bartlett and Jefferson Avenue. Get involved and help stop RPD police brutality!”

Jimmy Jamm says,
“As a retired police officer, I’m thoroughly disgusted. It’s so disheartening how cops are becoming…THUGS!”

thrashermario opines,
“I keep telling people we need a second American revolution.”

shocler4fun argues,
“This is what you voted for because this criminal was black! remember the chickens come home to roost! Stop this vote and fight for freedom look at who your electing who funds them! Its only going to get worse! Time to unite as people not by color but as humans!”

xxHANNONxx complains,
“This is why we hate cops, if they actually protected and served they would be admired, but instead they have devolved into the worst kind of street gang there is and to top it all off the filthy media rubs it in our faces and tells we should be thanking them for their “service”, when in reality they are just a bunch of thugs and criminals.”

“When YOU are defenseless the bully’s will always kick your ass. The American Constitution and the Bill of Right’s has been abolished, now, will you support The Declaration of Independent’s ??????????”

“What next , arrest coma patients ??? Charge them for assaulting PIGS ???”

“Police state!”

James Bova:
“Please explain how either of the cops were kicking the man while both cops are kneeling on the ground?”

“Its called a Knee to the face. Even if they didnt kick him that is still unessasary violence. You can even hear a cop say “Are you ready to get your ass kicked” 00:44sec.”

“This is why I hate Rochester and cant wait to leave, The Police State mentality that people think makes them “safe” has drawn on my last nerve and I cant take this State any longer, and the Police worship and bowing down to the Praetorian’s is sickening. I have one thing to say to the State of NY and the Police.

“Welcome to the Rochester NY Police Department where the thugs have the badges and constantly abuse the public with impunity. This is the same police force that arrested Emily Good on her front yard last year for filming a black motorist being roused by police and the same police force that beat up peaceful anti-war marchers on Main Street 2 years ago, and the same police force that arrested 44 peaceful Occupy Rochester protestors for standing in a city park after 11:00 p.m. The mayor approves.”

“Always carry a video cam….People got to know!!!”

Police Attack Anti-War Demonstrators in Rochester

LEO upon being queried (near end of video) says demonstrator is being arrested for uttering profanity in public.

“They arrested the only black guy first. Get that on the record.”

Rochester Police Quash Anti-Capitalist March 7-21-12

In the above video clip, Rochester, NY police can be seen attacking peaceful marchers on sidewalks, bullying the crowd, while protesters avoid involvement and scurry away instead of calling out for/giving contact information to serve as witnesses in any ensuing court appearances. Essentially, they abandon their comrades/neighbors, giving into fear of the police, encouraging the LEO’s to pick them off one by one until the march dissolves under the oppression of intimidation and brutality. There is no collective spine and the group behaves like cowed dogs. It is every citizen’s duty to bear witness to corruption, official incompetence, and brutality. Those in the video evaded that responsibility.

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