GCC: Anti-Oppression Workshop

When: Saturday, April 26 at 11:00am – 3:30pm

Where: Media Island International 816 Adams St. SE, Olympia, Washington 98501

What:  Backbone Campaign believes (and our 10 years experience of movement-building work underscores this belief) that Anti-Oppression skills, practices, and framework are essential for bringing about the thriving and economically and environmentally just communities we all yearn for. The weekend of April 26th & 27th we are partnering with the awesome ecofeminist and anti-oppression co-op training group the Canopy Collective (http://thecanopycollective.org/) to make some of these phenomenal workshops available. Media Island, Olympia Movement for Justice & Peace, the Alliance For Global Justice and RAIN are cosponsoring to bring these workshops to Olympia. There will be an hour break for lunch at 1pm. Below are some of the topics that might be covered.

Series in Liberation and Ending Oppressions

All workshops involve a mix of facilitated discussion in large and small groups (as appropriate to the gathering), brief lecture/presentation, interactive hands-on activities that would enhance learning concepts and personalize the materials to the participants.

We are the ones we’ve been looking for:
How do we focus on the goodness of our planet and each other in our daily lives, and still invest life energy into ending oppressions?

“Un mundo endonde quepan muchos mundos” – Reclaiming cultures and heritages:
This workshop acknowledges the reality that everyone’s heritage is good. It goes in depth into what it takes to create a world where many worlds fit by rebuilding the fabric of our communities by strengthening our own understandings of the goodness of our cultures and heritages.

Introduction to structural oppression and privilege:
Common definitions of oppression, privilege, and liberation. Explores how oppression and privilege work on individual and structural levels. General overview, rather than tackling particular oppressions in depth.

How Oppression Works and Strategies of Healing & Resistance (2-parts)
Focused on how settler colonialism, hetero-patriarchy, and white supremacy (what many people call racism) function in our society to uphold capitalism (class oppression) and imperialism and strategies for challenging these from the point of view of different struggles.

Building an Eco-feminist World
Fundamental ideas from ecofeminism and introduction to strategies for base building for local social justice work.

Practicing Participatory Democracy
In the format of one particular practice, present a short history of different practices of participatory democracy, and a demonstration based on the theme/topic that makes the most sense for the participants.

Sharing Allie Skills and Learnings
Beginning with the understanding that alliance is not an identity, but rather a series of thoughtful actions to end oppression, this workshop shares basic skills towards becoming an ally to individuals and communities who are targeted by oppressions.

Strategies for Building Solidarity (DIGNITY – Beyond Solidarity)
More advanced workshop following “Sharing Allie Skills and Learnings”, with strategies to address some barriers to building respectful alliances and successful joint actions.

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