Shelton/Mason Co. After Dick Taylor, Dawn Pannell

The City of Shelton is as visibly filthy as ever after 10 years w/Dawn Pannell. Major City arterial streets are in hopeless disrepair, abandoned buildings and litter blanket downtown, storefronts are vacant, residents are invited to pipe sewage treatment water to their properties as a way of saving City revenue. But when asked about her views on additional filth spewing incinerators from a company (Simpson) responsible for the existing Dioxin (our very own Love Canal) in Oakland Bay and Shelton Harbor, Ms. Pannell argues she can’t let voters know her position on such public policy issues.

Dick Taylor, clueless, unfocused, out of touch, elderly, unable to stay awake in public meetings, hopelessly uninformed about vital current civic controversies, commercializing outsourcing, capitalism over social welfare, no respect for nature or public health, and an admitted ardent supporter of the now defunct Adage campaigns on the basis of how well he’ll get along with 2 of his biggest campaign contributors, Pork Commissioners Jay Hupp and Tom Wallitner.

The following videos are a good estimation of the future these kinds of politicians will leave for destitute Americans and Mason County residents:

Ghosts With Sh*t Jobs

No Way Out

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