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WeLFAre The 99%

Income Redistribution by Government Fiat

Occupy Olympia has some compassionate motivated souls in the rain besotted encampment at Heritage Park. Many are destitute and homeless. It’s not an easy life or one most would choose. Yet there’s a certain dignity in the poor spread before the world to see on our Capitol’s lawn and lakeside park–more about that later.

Confiscatory Taxes for a Better Society?

Bless the poor and the children. They are our unsung heroes because, if they can survive, they starve the beast! They have nothing (but their liberty) the power elite can take from them.

21st Century Centurians Eject the Poor

The rich need big government far more than the poor–they receive substantially greater benefits proportionate to their accumulated wealth.

A Pointed Exchange

But it’s a mistake to believe even more power concentrated through greater taxes or regulations that go beyond the core functions of a just government (preventing force & fraud, providing for the national defense…including defending the environment) will act as a sop.

Fresh Faced Youthful Energy/Ideas

The truth is power concentrated in government is like a big jar of honey without the lid. It attracts flies, other opportunists such as corporations, and special interests. That’s human nature. The answer lies in reforming our social order, not even more powerful government because that way there be monsters. We already have witnessed a severe erosion of social justice and civil liberties due to the encroachments of a military-industrial-government complex. The more power is vested in government, the greater the incidence of corruption and inequity. Power must be devolved and redistributed to the people else too much honey attracts too much money (the mother’s milk of politics).


Think about it. America might actually be a better place without the rich…no one wants to be poor, but it’s beginning to smell like the only path to freedom.

Where there's Life, there's Hope

I’d rather be free than saddled with the delusion of Horatio Alger in America. That vision died when money was ruled tantamount to free speech.

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