Jack Miles’ Sentencing/Occupy Movement Caucus

Jack Miles, a recent Port of Shelton Commissioner noted for his unflinching support of community environmental activists, will be sentenced for a DUI conviction (CR14357) in Mason District Court on 3-6-12 @ 9:30am. Mr. Miles maintains his innocence of the charge and reckons the disappointing verdict was a result of jury confusion regarding the idiosyncrasies of how diabetics may register on a breathalyzer in the hands of an inexperienced arresting officer or a breach of procedural protocol.

Bruce Finlay, the defense attorney, called for a mistrial after the jury was exposed to a prejudicial question by the prosecutor misconstruing the nature of Jack’s discharge from his service in the Marine Corps. Although the question improperly invited the jury to convict or deprecate Jack’s testimony by suggesting he was a ‘bad’ person rather than render its verdict based on the facts/evidence presented in the case, Judge Meadows overruled the objection. An appeal is planned.

Jack greets constituents

Jack greets voters

Jack awaits the Voter's verdict on election nightt

Hosted by the Mason County League of Women Voters, the Occupy Shelton coalition is holding an open house presentation titled “What’s It All About” on 2-21-12 @ 11:30am in the Shelton Olympic College campus library located near the Alpine Way retirement center. All are welcome.

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