Depositions of Sara Hooker, Keith Schacher, Amy Cunningham

The following depositions were taken in Tumwater & Olympia, WA. on 3-6-12 at ~11:15am and ~2:00pm respectively. Amy’s was recorded on 3-22-12 @ ~2:30pm in the TCTV Studio. They contain eye witness or fact witness statements material to a 3 minute incident in the Thurston FJC (Family & Juvenile Courthouse) on 9-27-11 wherein juvenile probation officer Sara Dotson and her courthouse pals trumped up charges to target/persecute a Good Samaritan providing accommodation to a disabled young mother on that day @ ~10:30am. The videotaped depositions speak for themselves.

030912Saradep by pinbalwyz

Hair dresser Sara Hooker confirms defendant’s reputation as a passionate opinionated but dutiful and helpful non-threatening community activist, photojournalist, and paralegal. She also belies Sara Dotson’s poor memory as to defendant’s ‘scary’ weight, hair & beard length on 9-27-11.

3-9-12 Keith Schacher Deposition 1/3 by pinbalwyz

Keith Schacher testifies about lying public juvenile official, probation officer Sara Dotson, in #11-1-01711-1 as an instance of prosecutorial misconduct wherein her courthouse pals engage in malicious prosecution on her behalf to punish a Good Samaritan for accommodating a disabled young mother on 9-27-11 in the Thurston FJC courthouse public hallway.

3-9-12 Keith Schacher Deposition 2/3 by pinbalwyz

3-9-12 Keith Schacher Deposition 3/3 by pinbalwyz

3-22-12 Amy Cunningham Deposition 1/3

Amy Cunningham recalls the denial of accommodation, abuse, perjury, intimidation, and coercion at the hands of Thurston County juvenile probation officer Sara Dotson and DSHS Children’s Services apparatchik Heather Reid on and subsequent to 9-27-11 at the Thurston Co. Family & Juvenile Courthouse (FJC).

3-22-12 Amy Cunningham Deposition 2/3

3-22-12 Amy Cunningham Deposition 3/3 

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