Mason County Owned: Sheldon, Jeffreys, Neatherlin

Despite a failure to ‘listen’ and being out of step w/constituents’ overwhelming support of a 2/3rds super-majority mandate for tax increases, Kathy Haigh eked out a narrow victory over Dan Griffey for 35th Dist.  State Rep.

Statewide Initiative Measure No. 1185
Concerns tax and fee increases imposed by state government
Measure Vote Vote %
15,420 73.02%
5,697 26.98%
Total Votes (County) 21,117 100
Candidate Vote Vote %
(Prefers Democratic Party)
23,604 51.49%
(Prefers Republican Party)
22,234 48.51%
Total Votes (Statewide) 45,838 100%

Sheldon, Inc. swept Mason County, shutting out all green/progressive candidates.

Mason County County Commissioner District 1
Candidate Vote Vote %
Denny Hamilton
(Prefers Democratic Party)
9,523 47.15%
Randy Neatherlin
(States No Party Preference)
10,676 52.85%
Total Votes 20,199 100%
Mason County County Commissioner District 2
Candidate Vote Vote %
Tim Sheldon
(Prefers Democratic Party)
10,815 54.04%
Roslynne Reed
(Prefers Democratic Party)
9,197 45.96%
Total Votes 20,012 100%
Mason County County Commissioner District 3
Candidate Vote Vote %
Ross Gallagher
(Prefers Democratic Party)
9,588 48.08%
Terri Jeffreys
(Prefers Independent Party)
10,353 51.92%
Total Votes 19,941 100%

Voters did not forget the emotionally/temperamentally fragile Lynda Ring-Erickson who stonewalled their objections to a major biomassacre polluter (Adage), defeating her bid handily by a 5% margin.

Legislative District 35 – State Representative Pos. 2

Candidate Vote Vote %
(Prefers Republican Party)
23,581 52.31%
(Prefers Democratic Party)
21,501 47.69%
Total Votes (State) 45,082 100%

Similar recollections of Ross Gallagher’s stonewalling voters on the same issue, despite his recent turnaround embracing clean air, along with actions that lead to the current spate of lawsuits against the County, likely lead to his defeat.

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