Shelton Thief Robs Church, Downtown Businesses

Sometime in the wee hours of Thursday, 11-15-12 between 11:30 pm – 3:30 am, a burglar broke into Shelton’s Ming Tree Restaurant and Todd’s Shoe repair on Railroad Ave. The downtown Baptist Church on Cota was also hit. An array of quality wool socks and an undisclosed amount of minor cash was stolen from Todd’s. Police believe the burglar may have used the cover of construction renovation to hide from the view of passing motorists.

Judging from the nature of items stolen, the thief may be homeless and exposed to the elements. The door lock from Todd’s was removed and is missing. Anyone with information regarding the break-ins may contact the Shelton Police Dept. The vandals who broke into and destroyed a number of downtown Post Office boxes in its lobby some months ago late one night have yet to be apprehended.

Has the City of Shelton crime rate grown to the point the town now requires municipal surveillance cameras?

The identity theft burglary of a single retired woman’s downtown home while she was on vacation for the holiday weekend reported a couple of months ago remains unsolved despite her bank account being tapped as a result and the mail associated with the fraud being delivered to a large mail box located adjacent to a homeless encampment on E. Deagan Rd. near Hwy 101.

Pat Carpenter is a long time Shelton resident recovering from knee surgery whose home @ 130 W. Pine St. was burglarized when she was gone celebrating the labor day weekend. The window to her home was pried open and her jewelry was stolen. The thief also stole her identity documents which led to the loss of $3,000 from her Shelton Bank of America account.

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