(A)ttica, NY-Cars Sabotaged: Grand Jury Resisters Solidarity?



The following excerpt from pugetsoundanarchists.org is an example of the depth (or lack thereof) to which the violently radical elements of (A)narchists are willing to descend in pursuit of low grade domestic terrorism:

Sat, 11/17/2012 – 8:57pm — Anonymous

Finally, after weeks of seeing images of revolt and anti-capitalist violence sweeping the globe, after weeks of seeing our comrades being subpoenaed before grand jury’s and judges, we decided to act. Our small group crept into an unsuspecting low policed town outside of Rochester and attacked…smashing the windshields of well over 20 cars with rocks and stomping out the windshields with our rage. We picked Attica because it houses 1,000’s of prisoners every day and is home to one of New York’s largest prisons. This will solve their little investigation…
-Cell of July 21st-
Its easy to attack it really is!

ATTICA, N.Y. – Vandals damaged 28 cars and trucks at Upstate Chevrolet on Main Street overnight.

Attica Police tell 2 on Your Side most of the cars were brand new 2012 and 2013 models. A few of the damaged cars were previously owned.

Police say vandals threw rocks and kicked in windshields. All of the damaged cars were located in the back of the dealership.

“99% of [the damage] is broken windshields,” said Frank Bork, owner of Upstate Chevrolet. “It’s heartbreaking, you wonder why someone would do something like this. There’s no purpose.”

The dealership estimates more than $50,000 of damage to the trucks and cars. They will begin ordering parts and making repairs to all of the vehicles starting Monday.

Upstate Chevrolet is reviewing surveillance video to help identify the vandals. The business is also considering putting up a reward to anyone with more information that could lead to an arrest.


As it turns out, the ‘heroic’ vandals who trashed the auto dealership in NY weren’t ‘comrades’ but drunken teens who turned themselves into the police. It would seem the oft heralded ‘revolution’ extolled by local violently inclined radical underground elements died, not with a bang, but a whimper. (The boys confessed and are seeking leniency by throwing themselves on the mercy of the court while accepting responsibility.) Perhaps radical anarchist activists are spending too much energy pinning their hopes on the soiled diapers of babies?

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