ANTIFA History & Origins (late 1800’s – 2020)

This documentary was CENSORED/removed from YouTube, hence its availability to you privately which you’ve been given through an alternate venue.

Don’t lose the link. Share it with friends/family you believe would benefit from it. It is the best hour long documentary on ANTIFA I’ve seen and 100% accurate.

Jack Posobiec & Citizen Journalism Presents: ANTIFA: Rise of the Black Flags. The true history of the anti-government extremist group’s century of violence.

The truth about ANTIFA is not widely known. Jack Posobiec delivers a movie showing all the underpinnings of the ANTIFA Movement.

ANTIFA has become a paramilitary arm of the democratic party and is very dangerous to the future of our American ideals and democracy. This is a must watch film. The truth must get out now more than ever.

Based on real events. Please share with your friends, stream to your FireTV stick using Silk and host a watch party to discover the truth about this deadly organization.

For More information: David Lugo – Director Steve O’Rourke – Producer Raheem Kassam – Associate Producer Matt Schwartz – Cinematography Jon Du Toit – Editor

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