Cat Attorney Risks Contempt for ZOOM Court Appearance

TYPICALLY A judge warns an attorney to change his filter in this published (by the judge) clip containing DIRE WARNINGS TO THE PUBLIC NOT TO COPY or live stream it…this despite the fact the 1st, 6th, and 14th Amendments MANDATE these court proceedings be open and transparent…a right belonging as equally to the public as the litigants. Nevertheless, judges presume to extend their authority into the homes of non-disruptive observers who are neither litigants, witnesses, attorneys of record, victims, or jurors.

Judges have wide latitude to maintain order IN THEIR COURTROOM, i.e. within its 4 walls, but that doesn’t extend to observers outside the courtroom who are not creating a disturbance or distraction or attempting to communicate with any of the participants. In this reporter’s view, such warnings amount to an unlawful prior restraint. Neither the court nor the government has any legal potential of a copyright interest in the proceedings nor any compelling interest to censor observers from journaling the proceedings in any manner they choose absent interference or distraction from the proceedings.

THE JUDGE can sit on it as there is no copyright for work compiled by government or its officers using government facilities. ANY USE is, therefore, FAIR USE.

PLEASE, share this widely and encourage others to do the same. These judges are drunk with power. It may have been Ben Franklin who said, “The monarchists will hide in the judiciary.” Amen!

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