Cloning Politicians through Modern Political Science

Isn’t It TIME for a Change?

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Opposed to politicians who equivocate about air quality & BioMassacre
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  1. admin says:

    Heidi Brotche McCutcheon commented on your photo.
    Heidi wrote: “I’m not a big fan of profanity or of you posting it on my wall. Especially about someone with whom I worked with and have the utmost respect for.

    Terri Jeffries is a stellar person who I think will do WONDERS for this County. She is conscientious, intelligent and ethical. I would appreciate that you not post something so tasteless on my wall again.”

    Well, Heidi, politics is a rough & tumble business and I stand by my sentiments. Terri Jeffries is ill informed (told me the dixoin in Oakland Bay was being cleaned up) and voted for more of the same when she supported Adage while she was the head of Shelton’s Chamber of Commerce, the office you now hold. If you can’t separate your feelings of camaraderie from the issues, I hope you don’t try running for public office. We can’t afford more incompetent/corrupt officials who pull stuff out of their @ss like Jeffries. The woman, despite her assurances to the contrary, is clueless. Just what do you believe is so ‘stellar’ or intelligent & ethical for that matter about her? I don’t see it. She can be charming (if she’s convinced it benefits her) but I want more than ‘charm’ sitting on the board of County Commissioners–I want competency and a sense of accountability to the people in this community. Jeffries doesn’t appear to have any.

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