Dracobly v. Dracobly exposes Mason Co. Sheriff’s Malfeasance


(Except in Mason County)

Shelton, WA (10-27-18) –Watching the interview with chief criminal deputy Ryan Spurling whitewashing the sheriff’s office and none of the mainstream media exposing the hard uncomfortable details of the case against deputy Dracobly left little choice but to publish all of the court documents including/especially deputy Dracobly’s journal diary–the most powerful indictment against the deputy in his own words and what most influenced commissioner Jonathan Lack in his rulings against Mr. Dracobly.
The 4th estate and the Sheriff’s office are being disingenuous. Taking the time to read the entire court record involving Dracobly v. Dracobly…many hours, around a thousand pages of evidence, affidavits, briefs, motions, memos. and restraining orders INCLUDING Detective Sgt. (now chief deputy) Dracobly’s very long (over 300 pages) very detailed, very personal embarrassingly intimate journal diary, corroborates virtually all of Ms. Dracobly’s allegations. Jonathan Lack, the court commissioner presiding over the case found Lisa quite credible (as should anyone after reading the entire record). 
Commissioner Lack found deputy Dracobly in contempt for openly defying the court’s orders, and ordered Mr. Dracobly to undergo 52 WEEKS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE THERAPY and anger management classes which Mr. Dracobly NEVER COMPLIED WITH.
Officer Dracobly’s guns were ordered confiscated, which the Sheriff’s office did, then arranged to store them in their locker until the DV protection order expired at no expense to deputy Dracobly (double standard?)…something no civilian would have been afforded. No mention from the 4th estate (mainstream press) that during his court appearances, Deputy Dracobly couldn’t contain his impulses even in open court (something the court records don’t document) slamming the door entering/leaving the courtroom and rushing Lisa in the courtroom in such a threatening manner, the bailiffs had to intervene.
Accordingly, (as a member of the 5th estate) this publication has reported ALL of the court records, including the shocking admissions of an emotionally unstable violently obsessed deputy sheriff who continued to have access to and carry firearms after being ordered to surrender them. Deputy Dracobly was under a doctor’s care (the details in court and diagnosis were sealed) while being prescribed and taking psychotropic drugs WHILE ARMED & ON DUTY, exhibiting extreme narcissism and obsessive behavior focused on Lisa, as well as extreme violent controlling behavior–ALL by deputy Dracobly’s own admission.
And yes, the Mason County sheriff’s office DID know about it whether they received a formal complaint or not!
Lisa, with good cause, remains terrified of this unstable loose cannon, is in the midst of therapy to overcome her PTSD and was subjected to marital rape. You will be able to read about it in deputy Dracobly’s revealing journal which he vigorously fought to suppress, but ultimately failed to accomplish because he misrepresented its nature (at least in the court’s mind).

Initially, the court temporally sealed that journal, but ultimately unsealed it when Mr. Dracobly was unable to corroborate his claims about its nature or produce a letter from his therapist backing up his misrepresentations concerning it. All the documents and more detailed analysis than is shown here will be found here on amicuscuria.com/wordpress as this article is updated.

Mason Co. Candidates Strut their stuff, ignore bad cops & Domestic Violence:

Mason Docket:



(Chief Criminal Deputy Dracobly’s unsealed diary-journal)



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Thurston Docket:


Court records show history of domestic violence before murder-suicide in Lacey Friday

Is Thurston County’s system working for domestic violence victims?  Is Mason County’s?

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9 Responses to Dracobly v. Dracobly exposes Mason Co. Sheriff’s Malfeasance

  1. admin says:

    A comment was posted by Liz Anderson Oct 27, 2018 7:59am

    Why isn’t Salisbury responding? And if it isn’t about the Campaign…why does Spurling keep bring it up? You can tell the video has been edited too. You expect me to believe…when MCSO was ordered by the court to collect his guns…because of DV allegations…THAT didnt warrant an investigation? Oh…wait…here comes my sarcasm…so let’s wait till she is dead…then wait for her to come in and make a complaint? I have it on good authority that Spurling is lying about the department never receiving a complaint. I am just disgusted…they are defending Dracobly…but THEY… Salisbury and his Campaign champion…Dean Bryd…MCSO Chiefs and their FB warriors were the ones that distributed Hollands records to the public…talking about his DV…that…which I might mention…was never convicted of…that he was the one that was physically assualted..by a woman that had a felony conviction of assault…the hypocrisy is astounding…good ol boys club…right here in Mason Count!
    y ..and you all know who you are…instead of doing what is right…you just sit back…smh

    This comment was posted on:


  2. admin says:

    Dean Byrd (retired) now sits on the Mason County Civil Service board where county employees who have been disciplined/fired (including errant deputies Byrd knows well) can appeal the action. Dean Byrd abused his authority while working under sheriff Whybark when he called my residence to bully & intimidate me on behalf of his drinking buddy, Eric Valley (now running for Mason County District Court judge) for serving Eric Valley with a notice of default for breach of his promissory note and deed of trust of trust held by retired nurse Marylou Bishop, a woman who administered hospice care to Eric’s mother…despite yours truly having been a registered process server.

    A message was left asking Byrd to call (since he wasn’t shy about doing so previously), but he left word he would not with the receptionist. Apparently, Byrd didn’t want to be questioned/reminded about his previous involvement acting as Eric’s henchman. Eric gaslighted and denied ever being pals with Byrd or drinking with him. Unfortunately, there’s no laws prohibiting candidates from lying to voters or investigatory journalists. Eric’s problem is the journalist had direct knowledge and proof. Such is the political state Mason County is in today. A choice between an honest apparatchik with a heart the size of a peanut who yells at defendants in his courtroom, begging for a bigger jail all the while, and a dishonest lawyer who wants the job despite being sanctioned by the bars in New York and Washington 3 times. In fact, Eric is STILL on probation from the last sanction. i.e. The corruption is endemic and runs deep in Mason County.

  3. Wicked witch says:

    You have got to be kidding me. They were mutually agreed upon things in family court. When Darin looses and he will he will be off the deep end. Your help in smearing a family is disgusting. Maybe you should take some time and really look into Darin’s actions and behaviors in the last few years. That will make Lisa’s fake allegations look like nothing.

    • admin says:

      Clearly you have not read ALL of the court documents. Jason Dracobly would have to be lying for Lisa to be lying…in his OWN words in his OWN journal, which he vigorously fought, unsuccessfully, to suppress…primarily for misrepresenting the medical nature of his journal to the court, no less! Not even Jason’s own therapist would back him up on this point. This deputy admits he threatened to put a bullet in Lisa’s lover. He claims his threats telling Lisa he had already set her up for a disappearance and he knew how to make bodies/evidence disappear untraceably were merely bluster. Commissioner Jonathan Lack not only found Lisa more credible than officer Jason Dracobly’s denials, but Jason’s journal as well…as well should you if you had but the attention span to do so rather than a knee jerk parroting of what you’ve been told or heard. It is Jason Dracobly who will be off the deep end. He always has been, and says so. It is why Lisa is so frightened of this man, and the public should be too. She knows him far better than you or I.

      So you’re OK with a gun toting deputy who was ordered to surrender his weapons taking psychotropic drugs and receiving mental health therapy under a doctor’s care WHILE ON DUTY, eh? Who are you?…his mother?

      Not even Jason’s lawyer, Jeanette Boothe, who labored long and hard in one of her best in court presentations, could make Jason’s case for him. Jason remains defiantly out of compliance with the court’s order (52 weeks of anger and domestic violence classes) to this day. Read more, carp less.

  4. admin says:

    Josh e-mailed: Message/Short Description of issue: Thanks for your in-depth review of the Dracobly issue. I enjoyed that you pointed out a few of the issues.

    On one comment, though, I feel it misinforms. The sheriff’s office stored the deputy’s firearms without charge. I’m pretty certain that is standard procedure.

    I was falsely accused of DV by the Sheriff’s office, which lead to my (ex) wife being able to obtain a RO against me when we separated (she wanted custody). This RO caused my firearm rights to be restricted.

    My firearms were returned without fee after the RO expired. However, and what is curious, and perhaps more disturbing is, as a civilian, I had to fight tooth-and-nail for their return, and it was ONLY after threatening legal action (specifically, for deprivation of rights under color of law) could I get them returned.

    The sheriff’s office doesn’t care about the common person. They only care about generating revenue and will fight to keep that revenue stream going.

    • admin says:

      Josh, even if that were true, it still amounts to a double standard. However, Lisa says it is NOT common. And she should know, given she was assigned to the warrants detail and in charge of the CWP process in the Thurston County sheriff’s office. Lisa is commissioned as a LEO.

      p.s. I have now reconfigured the links in the main body of the article so readers can more easily view the court files without difficulty, given their size.

  5. admin says:

    Ken Smith says:

    The judges and commissioners aren’t dumb and know EXACTLY what they are doing. There’s this thing called title 4 funding, look it up, it’s disgusting.

    This works against people in two ways. First, if the court makes a ruling that says DV happened, the county, city, state, etc, gets a bunch of money. Second, when a judge orders child support, a portion of that is used to fund the state as well. It’s a big cash grab, and nothing more.

    This is why lopsided custody arrangements are being ordered out of the family so often. The higher the child support payment, the more the local government gets for funding. So, this is why the breadwinner, usually the dad, lose custody so much. The more lopsided the custody arrangement, the more child support is ordered. In fifty/fifty custody agreements, there’s usually not a child support order as both parents are equally supporting the child already.

    In many cases, the commissioner knows that if she (Indu Thomas) can give mom full custody, somewhere in the near future, the dad will be paying child support. The family courts LOVE cases exactly like this because it’s basically their meal ticket. They will use this against the father when it is time to make a parenting plan, if his rights aren’t terminated entirely, all to get more money.

    These courts, and everyone involved in perpetuating these kangaroo courts, need to be jailed. The corruption is completely out of hand. We are using a preponderance of the evidence in these cases, which are the most important court cases most people will ever have. It’s sick. We are taking kids away from their dads in droves. In these cases, all the other party has to do is convince the judge it was 51% or more, likely to have happened. This, for some of the most life altering decisions that will ever be made in a person’s life, and it is essentially a coin toss odds. These people in these courts are all sadists. Deranged to the absolute core of their being. No person with an ounce of morality in their bones would work for a court like this. Shut them down and investigate every case possible in a real court of law, not these broken courts with activist judges and commissioners on the bench.

    We know this isn’t good for the kids, it isn’t in their best interests at all, and all of the data we now have on single mothers, show it to be pretty much the worst thing possible you can do to a child. It is in the corrupt court’s financial interest, plain and simple. This case should be in a criminal court, as the accusations are criminal, not civil, in nature. But, these courts don’t want that, because again, they’ll lose funding.

    Commissioner Thomas, if you are reading this, you are a twisted individual. To the people, always remember, the people who want, and go after power. Are the last ones that should have it. That’s you, Indu.

  6. admin says:

    In e-mail to this publication, on 7-8-20 John and Crystal Lee had the following to say about corruption in Mason County courts:

    I have been charged with making a false statement to a public servant.

    On May 27, 2020, my neighbor lowered a firearm at me from his stopped truck. I reported this to 911. I told the police that I just wanted to be able to return to my home safely.

    The police called my neighbor at 10:30am, to ask if he had lowered a firearm at me that day. Six hours later, this man’s trailer was searched and the police didn’t find a firearm.

    This man is squatting on someone else’s property. He also has numerous violent, drug and firearm related felonies and misdemeanors.

    He is also subject to sentencing under California’s 3 strikes law. He is currently a wanted fugitive from justice on 7 violent felony warrants from Orange County, CA.

    Judge Steele has ordered that as conditions of release, I am not able to return to MY HOME, as it is within 1/2 mile of where this man has decided to park his travel trailer in the middle of a legal easement.

    I am a 39 year old woman and I just barely survived a double mastectomy last year. This man’s wife assaulted me and fractured my hand last year, while i was walking on a public easement.

    Judge Greer granted her a restraining order and greeted this man’s mother as, “Sister”, when introduced into the hearing as a witness. Judge Greer would not let me present any evidence. Judge Greer let several witnesses testify about matters like the Petitioner’s dead mother for a significant amount of time, but would not let me even speak.

    During a subsequent motion for Reconsideration, Judge Greer told me he wasn’t going to grant the motion, but let the attorney that showed up for the other party talk first and told me the only reason he could grant a motion for Reconsideration was if I could prove he did something wrong.

    Even though the attorney for the other party admitted he had been paid a “nominal amount” for his appearance, Judge Greer awarded him several thousands of dollars in attorney fees.

    There’s a significant amount of corruption in Mason County that needs to be revealed.

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