Shelton CC Skimmer? Call 360-426-4441

Courtesy of: Shelton, WA (12-18-18) — Many local residents have had to contend with fraudulent charges to their credit cards over the holidays.  Police suspect the Grinch resembles the pictures below:
Know this guy?  Call 360-426-4441
Know this guy?  Call 360-426-4441
Know this guy?  Call 360-426-4441
Law enforcement officials received several reports throughout Mason County regarding credit card and ATM fraud. These reports were likely the result of credit card skimmers. Skimming is a process in which criminals will use a scanning device to steal ATM and credit card information, including PIN numbers. The thief can then make a fraudulent ATM or credit card using the account holder’s information. Credit card skimming devices have become wide spread as a means of stealing money from account holders and financial institutions. Losses in the Shelton area alone have been staggering. The skimming devices are often hard to detect as they fit on or around the ATM or credit machine. ATM machines with exposed keypads are particularly susceptible to skimmers. Covering the keypad as you enter your PIN number can often help to protect your information. Thanks to the proactive efforts of our local credit unions, Shelton Police has obtained video from Sunday, December 16, 2018 of a thief using fraudulent credit cards in an ATM to steal money from several accounts.

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