Shelton Cop Brutalizes Steven Spangler/Smith


Steven Spangler/Smith

by Freda Spangler

Shelton, WA (4-26-15) — Ok I have had A LOT of people ask what happened to my son..I have been given permission from our attorneys to post..I said I would leave the police officer’s name out of it..but he asked why? So here goes..feel free to share!

I live in a small community–Shelton, Washington. My son Steven failed to check in one week with his DOC officer…at which time a warrant for his arrest was issued. He was looking at 30 days! On April 25th [It was the 26th in the wee hours.] the car my son was riding in was pulled son decided to jump out and run…officer Robert Andrew Auderer [graduated from BLEA ~ 6/2012, DOB: 12-27-76] began a foot which time he decided to taze him..he was tazed in the back of his neck where it meets the hard part of your skull!

My son was on the ground rendered UN-moveable when officer Robert Andrew Auderer decided to stomp on my son’s head..breaking his eye socket, cheek bone and nose..he even put in his report that he punched my son in the side.

MY SON WAS NOT FIGHTING…SO I ASK WHY???? The reports say my son was taken to Mason General for “minor” injuries. I was denied 3 visits with my son! And then on April 28th my son was transported to the Harborview trauma center in Seattle for those said minor injuries! Yesterday he had face reconstruction surgery at Harborview where the plastic surgeon put metal plate and screws in his cheek fixed his eye socket and nasal passage..he is recovering now!

This saddens me, that we have a police officer in our town that thinks he can get away with this!!! Look what’s happening..Ferguson… least I get to still hug my son!!! Police BRUTALITY needs to stop now!!!

StevenSpangler3 StevenSpangler2


officer Robert Andrew Auderer


7639 10th Way, SE, Lacey, WA.  98503 (recent residence belonging to Dennis & Dianne Auderer, parents?)


Robert Andrew (‘Andy’?) Auderer, 920 east bay dr, ne, apt 1c101, Olympia,WA 98506?



1019 Fir St Se, Oly 98501


1019 Fir St Se, Oly 98501


1019 Fir St Se, Oly 98501


1019 Fir St Se, Oly 98501

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9 Responses to Shelton Cop Brutalizes Steven Spangler/Smith

  1. Eff You says:

    What’s th point of showing his address? His folks’ address? Are you suggesting something?

    • admin says:

      When a sex offender, ex ux, is released from custody…they’re required by law to register with local law enforcement authorities who publish the person’s picture and provide public notice as to his/her residence/presence/location. Generally, the public appreciates this heads up info because forewarned is forearmed. If there were a spate of burglaries or car prowls in your neighborhood, your neighbors likely would appreciate knowing the identity of who committed them. If you’re not among those who appreciate such information, you needn’t concern yourself w/it. The above information is ALL part of the PUBLIC record, just as your, et ux, arrest and court records info is. Why should the police be immune from public scrutiny/identification? The public & children should be warned of what certain miscreants look like and advised to avoid them. Your residential address is embossed on your driver’s license. Your vehicle is registered to you and your residence. Why would you believe a double standard is appropriate? If a person beats citizens, injures and causes them to go to the hospital, it will be reported here along with ALL identifying info which, of course, includes ADDRESSES. It’s standard practice in all manner of human affairs to specify a particular person with their name AND address. It also, in this instance, provides fair warning to neighbors or a community that something may be amiss in their midst. If Ferguson and Baltimore have left any lasting impressions, among them should be that the police will not be shielded from the court of public opinion or our judicial system. Transparency in both is vital to our system of government and accountability. It’s also among the reasons why only a single profession is singled out by name for protection in the U.S. Constitution: an independent and free PRESS.

      • Kelly says:

        So your son is obviously a criminal. Not even one who checks in to try to become a better citizen. Not only that- he gets pulled over and runs. Not an action of innocent people. The police officer had every right to taze him and as for him “stomping on his head” I highly doubt that happened. Any intelligent person would assume he broke his eye socket when he fell from being tazed. I don’t like cops but I treat th with respect and I don’t break the law. Notice this type of thing doesn’t happen to someone being pulled over who doesn’t further break the law. They are doing their jobs. Stop defending your criminal [s]on and make him own up to his actions. It’s called taking responsibility and more people need to learn how to do it.

        • Melanie M. Knoblock says:

          Is a long time ago ma’am, have you ever considered the fact that there are innocent people every single day who get an altercations with police and are then a victim of police brutality. There are innocent people all the time that have no record that get into situations with police. Police are constantly going outside of their job description and doing things that are illegal every single day to people that do not deserve it. I don’t care if you’re a felon or if you’re not a felon police have a job to do and they have a job description that they are supposed to follow. They’re supposed to protect and to serve. So therefore being that the fact Steven did not do anything but run, why did he deserve everything? He was inflicted think about it. Had it been your son? Would you not have given the same type of statement? You should think before you say things it could save you the embarrassment because ignorance is not bliss and that is so fucking true dude. I’m sorry like I cannot handle people like this. It makes me fucking livid. Will you send it though cuz I can’t. You can put my information in there if you like so that way

  2. Brian says:

    Yes, an officer in pursuit of a convicted criminal with a warrant for his arrest is okay. He did not break his eye socket from falling after being tazed. He was subjected to what thug trash cops refer to as pain compliance and contempt of cop. The head stomping was the pain compliance and contempt of cop for causing the thug trash cop to pursue. He simply made him angry so in the thug trash cop’s eyes he was justified. His word against the criminal’s. In any case a broken eyes socket worthy of transport to a trauma ER is not justified in any case. The police officer should swallow his ego and let the detectives find him if he is unable to keep himself from injuring a suspect.

  3. kasi says:

    Ha! This obviously isn’t the entire story! I just checked the roster and this criminal was booked yesterday appears as though his felony charges convinced him to elude the police AGAIN. The cop is a decorated veteran who went from protecting our country to protecting our kids, homes and property. We’ve heard this mother complaining about the treatment of her career criminal son (who I believe was caught with brass knuckles, other weapons, method, and who knows what else…) But I will put money saying there is a ton more to this story. ! I googled the officer and also haven’t found anything in his record. Maybe your son should go yo rehab, get a job and act like a man. Smh

  4. Greg Montemurro says:

    I knew Robert Auderer personally long prior to this incident and before he was an officer. I know him to be A man of utmost integrity. A man of honor, courage and commitment. I’ve never known him to overreact, lose his cool or abuse his position. He’s methodical, intentional and understands his position. Aside from those facts, your son would not be in this predicament if 1. He were not a complete shit bag, and 2. Obeyed the law. That’s all it really comes down to. Officer Auderer was just doing his job. Take some responsibility for raising a shitbag.

    • Stephanie Fuller says:

      Qell obviously the detectives who investigated this situation didn’t see things the way you do/did. This officer had many internal complaints open on him. So maybe you didn’t know him as well as you thought.

    • Stephanie Fuller says:

      Well obviously the detectives who investigated this situation didn’t see things the way you do/did. This officer had many internal complaints open on him. So maybe you didn’t know him as well as you thought.

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