Smith College violates Jodi Shaw’s fundamental rights

You have my sincere sympathy. I’ve experienced how colleges (e.g. TESC) give short shrift to due process and fairness. They’re almost a sacred cow in that courts are loathe to get involved in the school’s perfidy. So sue in federal court where you’re more likely to get a competent and impartial judge.

If I can be of assistance, call on me.

You’re poised, articulate, present well, and amazingly calm given the stress and outrageous abuse you’ve been subjected to. Not that it will help you feel any better, but know the attack on your fundamental rights and 1st Amendment prerogatives are part of a groundswell of cancel culture, de-platforming, and wholesale censorship by powerful social media corporations, colleges, universities, and ANTIFA.

Please, for all our sakes, don’t internalize this abuse or hide your light under a bushel. It’s apparent you’re a beautiful person who just may be a petunia in an onion patch. Elton John expressed these sentiments beautifully in Starry Starry Night. You’re doing the work of the angels.

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