The Face of Lyme Disease Symptoms

Becky Penoyar shared Keristen LaBelle-Rowley‘s status

Just got out of the ER with Jax. He had a big, what I thought and looked like a mosquito bite yesterday, that I noticed but just assumed he was probably allergic. Well today I noticed this bulls-eye rash has formed from that bite. I immediately knew this was a tick bite and a rash that coincides with Lyme disease. I flew him into the ER and the docs said this was a picture perfect Lyme disease rash and gave us antibiotics to start treatment. The doctors were impressed that I had caught this so early before any real signs of the infection (flu like symptoms) so I wanted to share these pics of what to look for. Normally, Lyme disease is very rare from a tick bite but they are so bad this year you really need to be watching  If you would like to share this status so others know what to look for, please feel free!

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