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Perception & Age: The Nuts & Bolts (Greasing the Gears)

The following is not intended to be medical advice. It is for informational purposes only, and general consideration. This is the third of a three-part series I have posted in relation to elder care. As people age, dopamine levels naturally … Continue reading

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The Connection Between Salt & Sugar

I am not a doctor. I am not a medical expert. The older people get, the more sensitive they are likely to become to sugar and salt. As a consequence, especially over time, this stresses organs, glands and systems of … Continue reading

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-Provide reassurance and support-Encourage exercise, support group-Maintain a normal routine and avoid unnecessary changes-Older adults may be triggered by a previous traumatic event, especially after feeling helpless because of a new disability-Recognize and acknowledge that older loved one’s fears and … Continue reading

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14-3-01377-4 Jenny May Wellman v Miguel Severiano Ashby

Case Information 14-3-01377-4 | JENNY MAY WELLMAN vs MIGUEL SEVERIANO ASHBY Case Number14-3-01377-4 CourtKitsap File Date11/25/2014 Case TypeDIC Dissolution of Marriage with Children Case StatusCompleted/Re-Completed Party Respondent (WIP)ASHBY, MIGUEL SEVERIANO DOBXX/XX/1985 Active Attorneys Pro Se Petitioner (WIP)WELLMAN, JENNY MAY DOBXX/XX/1989 … Continue reading

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