Rebekah Zinn & Washington’s DV Judicial Cesspool

Commissioner Rebekah Zinn, Thurston Superior Family Court
Graduating from law school & passing the bar doesn’t make you a lawyer…or a judge!


Rebekah’s academic credentials are impressive and her judicial temperament (as can be observed in the above case) was good. But her perspicacity and ability to separate the wheat from the chaff in matters affecting children and their families were sorely wanting. Litigants (as here) frequently use these proceedings to gain unfair advantage or to CONTROL the other party more than the pretense to seek protection. Not infrequently, neither litigant is a fit parent and the alleged ‘victim’ demonstrably more violent than the defendant. Ms. Zinn appears to be oblivious or nonplussed to the reality of this fact, making her out of touch and unsuitable as yet to be judging these types of cases.

Ms. Zinn’s judicial alacrity resembled a department store Santa on a good day. She did nothing to confirm the unopposed allegations she heard, to verify the credibility/true motives of the unsworn testimony, appoint a guardian ad litem, or conduct a search for the whole truth–which was much more disturbing than what was presented in court. In short, Rebekah abandoned all pretense of doing justice by all the parties…the 3 young children in particular. Her appointment to the bench appears egregiously premature.

Further hearings are scheduled and the video for the one held on 12-17-20 has yet to be processed or polished before posting. They will appear here as updates when available. Meanwhile, please consider the following video as a metaphor for Zinn’s judicial style:

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