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Environmental Trolls

Tim Sheldon once disparaged local environmental activists as ‘kooks’, misinformed, or worse.  Today, it would appear, there well may be some ‘kooks’ in the ranks.  Some (like the infamous Arthur West of Olympia) are contentious, litigious, require medication, and attempt … Continue reading

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US Senate Bill calls for Mandatory Logging of Public Lands

US Senator Jon Tester (D) of Montana has sponsored a bill, written in secrecy in conjunction with timber industry lawyers and lobbyists, but supported by President Obama and US Secretary of Agriculture, Thomas Vilsack, that will decimate the last surviving … Continue reading

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BioMassacre Heresy – Case #10CV1404

When clean air Advocates become the ‘enemy’: All grass roots movements have a tendency to fracture along the lines of personalities and personal agendas–that’s to be expected as part of human nature.  But when partisans begin destroying property and killing … Continue reading

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Skokomish Flooding Paralyzes Residents

UW Study exposes cause of flooding as government mismanagement, logging, and bad land use policies. Yet Another 100 Year Flood forced upon Skokomish Valley homes:   Once again Skokomish Valley Residents had to endure a ‘100 year flood’ in the … Continue reading

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Dr. Yu Who?

Dr. Diana Yu is the Health Officer for Thurston County’s Public Health department and Mason County’s as well.  She gets paid for both positions, from her salary in Thurston (the amount remains unclear) spending but 1 day/wk in Mason County. … Continue reading

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Christmas Parade Casualty

An unidentified young man was injured in a slow speed collision immediately following Shelton’s annual Christmas parade.  The many diesel powered entries and traffic contributed to elevated air pollution as well as the mishap downtown.

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