BioMassacre Heresy – Case #10CV1404

When clean air Advocates become the ‘enemy’:

All grass roots movements have a tendency to fracture along the lines of personalities and personal agendas–that’s to be expected as part of human nature.  But when partisans begin destroying property and killing animals out of petty grievances…it’s time to reconsider priorities.

Our mailbox was vandalized the weekend of our most severe recent flooding in the Skokomish Valley about or just after the 10th of December, 2010.  About 4 weeks before that, one of our Nubian bucks died from apparent poisoning.  Soon thereafter (about 3 weeks later) yet another of our Nubian bucks died under similar circumstances.  My animals are raised by hand.  They are also loved.  We’re now worried about our remaining herd, our dogs, cats, and llama.

Shawnie Vedder, shutterbug

We never dreamed anyone would take out their anger on innocent helpless animals, especially in this fashion.  It makes no rational sense…just like the vandalism at the ORCAA offices made no sense…unless you’re mentally unbalanced, under a doctor’s care, and receiving Social Security payments as a consequence of your mental disability.

The pieces of the puzzle became less obscure after learning of an Anti-Harassment action (filed on 12-10-2010) after I’d filmed the proceedings in Judge Amber Finlay’s Court (Concerned Citizens vs. Port of Shelton, & Adage, et ux) on Monday, 12-13-2010 @ 1:30pm.  The Motion for Reconsideration hearing lasted about an hour.

Following the hearing in Judge Finlay’s Courtroom, a handful of residents gathered to ask Mr. Bricklin, esq. (the attorney representing the community at the hearing) some questions.  The woman I am confident poisoned my animals was present and attempted to photograph me in the anteroom to the courtroom.  When I asked if she hadn’t  taken enough pictures of me, she angrily announced she didn’t want me speaking to her.

Those present vacated the anteroom when the court clerk cautioned we could be heard in the courtroom.  Once on the small sidewalk leading to the anteroom, I began to speak with a couple of women.  The angry woman who’d been intent on taking my photograph, charged where I was standing with my camera gear in hand and attempted to push me off the sidewalk by ramming her shoulder into my chest.

The light still hadn’t gone on, I had yet to connect the dots.  I was concerned about this person’s deteriorating behavior, threats, and irrational demands.  I entered the District Court’s Office to ask what forms were available to discourage this kind of physical altercation.  It was during my discussion with the clerk I learned that Shawnie Vedder had scrawled incoherent accusations primarily designed to extend her copyright dispute with me.  (See article titled: A Modest Proposal and comments)

As this whole affair is an integral part of (and Distraction from) the community’s resistance to BioMassacre in Mason County, I intend to post ALL filings submitted to the District Court in cause #10CV1404 as well as publicly comment about them.

Case #10CV1404 Petition seeking Anti-Harassment Restraining Order

Case #10CV1404 Ex Parte Show Cause Order by Commissioner Adamson revealing skepticism and denying ex parte relief sought.

Petitioner’s Exhibit A 1/3

Petitioner’s Exhibit A 2/3

Petitioner’s Exhibit A 3/3

A casual glance at the Court Documents links above reveals agitated illegible erratic handwriting containing no identifiable specifics that can be defended against.  The portion(s) alleged as a copy of what appears on this Community Blog have been materially altered and annotated. The salient portions of the Petition appear to be a thinly veiled attempt to garner relief in a copyright dispute…something that violates Washington State’s anti-SLAPP statute and belongs (if at all) in a federal court authorized to hear copyright disputes rather than in a local court of limited jurisdiction clothed in a costume of disingenuous complaints of ‘theft’ (copyright is not absolute or unlimited) and ‘harassment’.  I’m seeking witnesses to my being charged, bumped, and pushed by the Petitioner from the sidewalk at about 2:35 pm on 12-13-10 immediately outside the entrance to the modular Mason County courtroom annex. A more accurate rendition without some of the material omissions can be seen by viewing the following link: Even here, the lack of background, links, and header info fails to represent the public interest news nature of this Blog.

Response to Petition

Respondent’s Exhibit 1

Respondent’s Exhibit 2

Respondent’s Exhibit 3

Respondent’s Exhibit 4

Respondent’s Exhibit 5

Respondent’s Exhibit 6

RTS notice in case #10CV1404

Audio of 12-23-10 Show Cause Hearing

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  2. Tom says:

    came across your blog post.. this doesn’t surprise me one bit..

    I briefly dated Shawnie years ago.. I realized something wasn’t right about her and cut my losses.

    She put a bomb in my mailbox a couple of nights later.. the neighbor identified her van.

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