Are Cops Above The Law? DUH!

by Matt Agorist

Campbell, Iowa (6-8-2014) — Greg Luce is an activist who was exercising his 1st Amendment right in Iowa, back in October of 2013.

A town ordinance in Campbell, Iowa, where Luce was protesting, prohibits the use or display of “signs, flags, banners, pennants, streamers, balloons” within 100 feet of an interstate overpass.

Luce and some friends decided to try a different approach to the law by wearing t-shirts that together spelled “IMPEACH” on one side and “OBAMA” on the other while standing on the interstate overpass.

On October 24, 2013, Campbell police threatened Luce with a ticket for this demonstration. Luce filed a federal suit in February, stating that the law violates his rights to free speech and assembly.

The lawsuit rubbed police chief Tim Kelemen the wrong way.

The department also began receiving threats via email from others who were upset with the alleged civil rights violation against Luce.

None of these threats have been linked back to Luce.

In January of this year Luce discovered someone had used his name and email address to register him on pornography and dating websites and on

The town of La Crosse police launched an investigation into the incident.

Through the investigation La Crosse police found that the internet addresses used to register Luce on these sites were from the town of Campbell and chief Kelemen’s home computer.

When La Crosse police realized the potential conflict of interest they sent the investigation to Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.

During a May 27th interview between Kelemen and investigators, Kelemen initially lied and said he had no idea about the solicitations made on Luce’s behalf.

Once he was told that police already new that he was involved he recanted his denial and confessed to the activity.

Below is the video of the investigation which shows chief Keleman lie to investigators and then confess.

[Campbell Police Chief Kelemen lying to investigators and then confessing to internet harassment, intimidating a witness in a federal case or possibly many other offenses. This is a short 4 minute highlight clip of the interview. The entire interview can be viewed here:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Last fall members of the La Crosse Tea Party conducted a rally on the pedestrian overpass in the Town of Campbell Wisconsin as part of the national Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment movement. The town enacted an ordinance shortly afterward to prohibit any signs, flags, balloons etc. from within 100 feet of an overpass. 

The unconstitutional ordinance was presented and pushed by Police Chief Tim Kelemen. Activists from around the state and the country came for a rally on December 7 in defiance of the ordinance and video taped the police chief’s inept attempt at enforcing the ordinance. (He issued 4 citations, but never even asked anyone to stop displaying their sign or to leave the bridge). If the ordinance was really in the name of safety, he was endangering motorists by not removing the flags, signs and even an 8 foot wooden cross.

A federal complaint was filed by the Thomas More Law Center for plaintiffs Greg Luce and Nick Newman. The pressure appears to be too much for Chief Kelemen, as you can plainly see in these videos.

Scott Johnson Town Chairman 781-6840
Bob Wolfert Utility District Supervisor 783-7747
Pat Post Health, Education, and Welfare Supervisor 781-2197
David LaFond Streets and Road Supervisor 783-5107
David Wilder Park and Rec Supervisor 781-1676]

When watching the above video, the nonchalant attitude of the investigating officer in response to the chief lying tends to confirm the ‘protect your own’ mentality of police and the subsequent special treatment that goes along with it.

Had Kelemen been your average Joe, he’d likely be facing charges for impeding an official investigation or obstruction of justice.

Instead, the lying is dismissed and the discussion immediately changes to how they will be able to beat these charges.

It is disheartening, to say the least, to witness such brazen special privilege.

Ironically Kelemen uses an excuse that he would have likely laughed at if it were given to him, by stating that he “didn’t know (his actions) were illegal.”

The investigation is currently underway and judging from this video, we can predict that Kelemen will receive little more than a slap on the wrist.

“I have never experienced when a police chief or a police department, even though they were being harassed, turned around and violated the law themselves,” Luce’s attorney, Richard Thompson said. “This impacts our federal suit. It is intimidating to Luce that the chief of police is taking these kinds of bizarre actions because he doesn’t like the fact that Luce filed a lawsuit.”

In the above video, a cop w/severe testosterone poisoning is indistinguishable from the violent @narchists who also attempt to bully, threaten, and intimidate street photojournalists/photographers.

The cop in the above video dissembles after being busted by a trucker when told he’s being recorded.

Must have ability to make up fake laws or misinterpret existing ones spontaneously.

Resisting Arrest?


Once again, the incompetent cops in the above video are indistinguishable from Oly’s violent r@dicals. Photography is NOT a crime–nor is ‘permission’ required in public venues. The state sponsored thugs and the self appointed private thugs are cut from the same w@rp and weave!

Poet prays for Divine Intervention against police brutality/arrest and…IT’S GRANTED!

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