Cool Breeze graces Oly’s Farmers Market 9-14-18

These clips captured performing artist ‘Cool Breeze’ (AKA: Connie Bunyer) of Olympia @ Farmers Market on 9–14-18 a little after noon during her set onstage.

Connie had charming stage demeanor, a pretty face, a nice stage getup, a strong voice that hit the notes in the standards she chose to perform accompanied by her ukulele and accordion. She had good rhythm, but was a little weak on the fingering…plus she admittedly knew no Cajun tunes for the squeeze box.

The audience was sparse but loved and tipped her generously. It’s always tough for a solo artist to hold the audience’s attention. Her best styles mimicked a french chanteuse and Latina. AND…she has sea tales!

You can call for bookings @ (360)591-8407.
Music Samples:

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