Resist(a)nce Invites Public to Halloween Solidarity Celebration

Standing Tall

Saturday, October 27th
3:00 P.M.
Sylvester Park (Olympia)


Join others this Saturday before the Olympia Westside Arts Walk for a raucous procession of solidarity with grand jury resisters. All of Olympia’s finest witches, warlocks, wizards and magic folk are encouraged to converge at Sylvester Park, 3 P.M. Saturday Oct 27th to form an enchanting mobile dance brigade!

Bring your broomsticks this weekend and head to Sylvester Park! On the eve of Halloween, this march will feature outrageous costumes, lively dancing, a mock grand jury, and other guerrilla performances. Create a cacophony of voices in opposition to these attacks and celebrate solidarity with pounding feet, banging beats, mounting bikes & broomsticks.


-WITCH & WARLOCK COSTUMES (Broomsticks, hats, capes, wands, newts, spells etc.)
-DIY percussion instruments

I cannot and will not say something that could greatly harm a person’s life and providing information that could lead to long term incarceration would be doing that. For me choosing to resist a grand jury is about freedom of speech and association – I cannot and will not be a party to a McCarthy era policy that is asking individuals to condemn each other based on political beliefs.” – Katherine “KteeO” Olejnik (Grand Jury Resister)

Grand juries are not commonly understood or discussed, let alone the threat this and other forms of coercion/intimidation pose to citizens and activists. The festivities will publicly endorse community solidarity in a lively, defiant spirit using available space.

Celebrate the commitment, the dedication of such Olympia activists as Katherine “KteeO” Olejnik, Matt Duran, and others jailed with no charges beyond exercising their right to silence while implacably refusing to allow 1st Amendment rights to be quashed beneath the boot of federal authorities. This event will spread awareness of political repression and its dire implications to social justice movements in Olympia, The Pacific NW, and beyond.

NW Grand Jury Resisters speak out

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