King Co. Juvenile Detention for Profit Purveyors

A list of individuals involved in the construction of the new King County Children and Family Justice Center:

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DISCLAIMER: The information on this list is unconfirmed, and should serve only as a starting place from which to do your own research. In a strong democracy like ours it is important to be able to share our opinions directly with individuals making decisions about our lives, but we should always ensure we are speaking to the correct individuals at the correct address. Leafleting, front porch conversations, and civil discourse are a vital part of a strong democratic tradition. The difference between passionate political disagreement and unacceptable public harassment is sometimes a thin line; it would be worth reading the histories of the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty1 campaign (particularly the SHAC 7) and the use of the Animal Enterprises Terrorism Act to indict the AETA 42 as a lesson in what happens when people get confused about that line. We, of course, wish only to promote peaceful and calm discourse about prison policy. We also know that law enforcement agencies often confuse legitimate First Amendment activity with crime, terrorism, or conspiracy, and thus it would be worth following basic3 security4 culture5 protocols in planning any sort of First Amendment activity. What follows is a partial list of the names, backgrounds, and addresses of people currently responsible for building the new King County Children and Family Justice Center. Please confirm the information, and then use it to have earnest, polite discussions about the future of the Seattle justice system.



CLAUDIA BALDUCCI, Project Manager for King County, Mayor of Bellevue, Shameless Advocate for Kid Jails. She also has a blog: 1029 151st Ave SE Bellevue, WA 98007 Birthdate 9/24/1967

DWIGHT DIVELY, Director of office of Performance, Strategy, and Budget for King County, voting member on the Children and Family Justice Center Oversight Committee 2829 24th Ave W. Seattle, WA 98199 206-285-1395 Birthdate: 9/24/1958


FRED JARRET, Deputy County Executive, voting member on the Children and Family Justice Center Oversight Committee 2949 81st Pl. SE, Apt C1, Mercer Island, WA 206-232-8304 Birthdate: 8/14/1949

Other persons of interest: Voting members on the Children and Family Justice Center Oversight Committee currently are (2013):

Dwight Dively, PSB Director;
Fred Jarrett, Deputy County Executive;
Caroline Whalen, County Administrative Officer;
Claudia Balducci, Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention Director;
David Chapman, Office of Public Defense Director;
Richard McDermott, Presiding Superior Court Judge;
Michael Trickey, Superior Court Judge;
Paul Sherfey, Superior Court Chief Administrative Officer;
Leesa Manion, Prosecuting Attorney’s Office Chief of Staff;
Kathy Lambert, Metropolitan King County Councilmember.

July 2014 Project Team + a few more from September 2014 (list only includes members present at neighborhood advisory meeting) Claudia Balducci, King County Office of Performance, Strategy, and Budget
Gay Boyce, King County Facilities Management Division (FMD)
Jim Burt, King County FMD
Carolyn Duncan, King County FMD
Michelle Garvey, King County Superior Court
Pam Jones, Director, Juvenile Division, Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention
Judge J Wesley Saint Clair, King County Superior Court
Cameron Satterfield, King County FMD
Tod McBryan, Heffron Transportation
Jake McKinstry, Spectrum Development Solutions
Jamie Strausz-Clark, PRR, Facilitator
Carryn Vande Griend, PRR, Note taker
David Cutler, GGLO Kimbra Wellock, PRR, Note taker


Howard S. Wright is a large design, construction, and planning firm that has offices around the world. Their Seattle office is located at: 415 1st Ave N #400 Seattle, WA 98109 206-447-7654 phone 206-447-7727 fax They also have an office in Portland, close by: 425 NW 10th Ave, Suite 200 Portland, OR 97209 503-220-0895 phone 503-220-0892 fax

“Cornish Commons” new dormitory for Cornish College of the Arts. 2025 Terry Avenue. Midtown21/One Bond Tower: 1007 Stewart Street.

DAN S. PEYOVICH, Washington Division President. He is also a member of the Design-Build Institute of America and the Lean Construction Institute, and during the last two years he has spearheaded Howard S. Wright’s involvement with Rebuilding Together Seattle. Lives with Courtney Peyovich. 2583 W Viewmont Way Seattle, WA 98199 Birthdate:4/25/1995 Phone: (206) 782-2382

TONY STEWART, Seattle VP. Also on the Smart Growth & Economic Development Committee of the Downtown Seattle Association. They have quarterly meetings which can be obtained through the DSA website. He is also a Board Member at Amara, a member of the 101 Club, Washington Athletic Club, and on the Board of Directors at NAIOP Commercial Real Estate Development Association. 4011 29th Ave W Seattle, WA 98199 Phone: (206) 282-9956 Phone: 206.447.7654 Birthdate: 5/25/1962

Some other people to investigate are:
Paul Snorsky, VP
Jim Rowley, VP
Mark Kim, Project Manager
Brad Hettle, Project Manager
Aaron Firman, Project Manager


HOK is “A Global Design, Architecture, Engineering and Planning Firm” that has built multiple prisons, jails, and detention centers. Their Seattle office is located at: 1218 Third Avenue Suite 1315 Seattle, Washington 98101 USA Phone: (206) 493-1771

TODD BUCHANAN leads the Seattle Branch. He appears to live in Seattle, but is from Spokane. His Seattle address is unknown. However, he also is a Taekwondo enthusiast and instructor who seems to own Buchanan Taekwondo in Spokane ( It is likely that he trains in Seattle now, and delving into the Taekwondo community there might prove fruitful. He is also a cyclist who prides himself on commuting “over an hour in each direction on isolated suburban trails” to the HOK office downtown…

BLAKE GALLAGHER is a Designer/Associate at HOK Seattle. His address might be: 910 8th Ave Seattle, WA 98104 but this needs extra confirmation.


INTEGRUS ARCHITECTS have also built several jails and prisons in Washington and nationally. Their office is located at: 117 South Main Street, Suite 100 Seattle, WA 98104 206.628.3137 fax 206.628.3138

Arbol Lofts, 611 E. Howell Street.

LARRY HURLBERT is the CEO, and has been involved with all of the detention centers and correctional facilities that Integrus has built in the Northwest. He lives at: 3636 14th ave W Apt #202 Seattle, WA Birthdate: 6/22/1953 Phone: (206) 284-7546

THOMAS M. CORCORAN is a Structural Engineer, and worked on many jails & prisons, including the NW Detention Center in Tacoma and the Kitsap County Juvenile Detention Center. Interestingly, his wife, JANE L CORCORAN, works for the King County Business Resource Center and has a county e-mail and telephone:, phone 206-263-9444 15133 SE 43rd St Bellevue, WA 98006 (425) 502-7546 or (425) 747-6739 Birthdate 4/27/1954


“Spectrum is proud to continue our work with King County on this exciting $210 million redevelopment for the new Children and Family Justice Center on 12th Ave. Our services range from performing initial financial feasibility studies and project phasing analysis, to advisory work on project delivery method, project organization, and entitlement work. “ Main office: 1809 Seventh Avenue, Suite 501 Seattle, WA 98101 T 206.607.1994 F 206.436.0025 E

Anthem Apartments 103 12th Ave Seattle, WA Part of the Yesler Terrace development. Will be completed in 2016 Decibel Apartments 301 12th Ave Seattle, WA Possibly still in design phase Reverb Apartments 1023 E Alder St. Seattle, WA Possibly Still in design phase Spectrum Bridges @11th 4577 11th ave NE Seattle, WA MIGHT be completed or soon to be completed. The Publix Apartments 5th Ave S & S Weller St Seattle, WA To be Completed in Winter 2015

JAKE MCKINSTRY Principal at Spectrum Development Solutions LLC, Member of the CFJC Project Team 2219 N 59th St Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 420-8276 He is also a member of the Urban Land Institute and has been actively involved with Habitat for Humanity and Jimmy Carter Work Projects since 1994.

HAL FERRIS Principal at Spectrum Development Solutions LLC. Hal is Chair of Urban Land Institute Seattle, Vice Chair of the Bellevue Planning Commission, Member PSRC Housing Technical Assistance Panel 5531 175th Pl SE Bellevue, WA 98006 (425) 643-0123

Other persons of interest:
Katherine B Bonaparte Development Associate KiKi Gram Development Manager

Chad Zettle Development Manager Lee Jaramillo Developer Beth Palmer General Counsel

To conduct your own research, the following tools are helpful: or for basic searches. This will often generate a list of possible hits which can then be cross-referenced with other sources. Zabasearch is compatible with Tor; Pipl is not. is a great way to confirm someone’s location, affiliations, middle name, etc. Often people’s educational history is listed as well, which can be a good way to get a basic age range to cross reference with birthdates later. has a searchable database of Washington State voters with addresses and birthdates, a list of public employees (plus salaries) and much much more. Take note of the registration date; often one person will be listed multiple times at different addresses; consider finding the most recent address. will give you ownership information and sales records for property, which can help to confirm someone’s address as well.

Facebook, Twitter, other social networks, City or County Committees, and news articles can help to confirm someone’s appearance, social connections, location, and so forth. Always be sure to confirm in person that you have the right address before deciding to have a civil conversation or to leaflet a neighborhood with your First Amendment views.

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