Lowest Pair @ Oly’s Farmers Market 5-16-14


Kendl Winter & Palmer T. Lee

Olympia, WA @ Farmer’s Market State (5-16-14) — The Lowest Pair is a young bluegrass style duet who have been playing together for about 10 months. They sound as sweet as they look, which is a good thing as their harmony provides easy listening.

He’s from Minnesota and she’s from the Olympia area. They both sing, play banjo and guitar. Their repertoire isn’t huge, but it’s more than adequate and they ARE in demand, playing a full schedule of venues wherever they travel.
IMGP3094crp IMGP3090crp She’s Kendl Winter. He’s Palmer T. Lee. They look very happy together.  They SOUND happy together. They each have separate solo albums, but only one featuring both of them:


The pear are obvious poets, but with the sweet melodic gift of music in their lyrical muse.

The Lowest Pair – 36¢ It has a logo (of course) of a pear on it–a Bartlett, perhaps–one of the sweeter varieties.  It includes such songs as:
1)  Oh Susanna
2)  Tuesday Morning 10:00 a.m.
3)  Living Is Dying
4)  Pear Tree [naturally!]
5)  Rumi’s Field
6)  Do You Leave The Light On?
7)  Last Summer
8)  Moving On
9)  Trying To Feel At Home
10) Magpies At Sunset
11) Dock My Boat IMGP3092crp

Contact Info:

The Lowest Pair: www.thelowestpair.com or thelowestpair@gmail.com IMGP3093crp
Drop them a “Hello” and your e-mail address so they can keep you posted on when they’ll be performing in your neighborhood. They’re well worth listening to and their $10 CD is a bargain.

The conditions leading to the following video clips were harsh at Oly’s Farmers Market with crying babies, food patrons using the foot of the stage as a sidewalk, and poor lighting from an overcast sky. Still, it should give listeners a measure of what they’re in for with this delightful duet.

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