8-16-12 Music In The Park (Shelton) – singing Dr. Fred Davis

Singing Doctor

Singing guitar playing doctor and orthopedic surgeon Fred Davis is a congenial addition of 1.5 years to Shelton’s family of artists, musicians, as well as accomplished professionals. He sings the old folk songs by groups such as The Kingston Trio remembered by locals in their youth.

In this set (his 1st) Fred’s beautiful daughter, visiting from New York, joins her father for a couple of songs where her lovely voice and demeanor take center stage. On this softly warm Shelton summer evening, her rendition of ‘Summertime’ from Gershwin’s Porgy & Bess reveals life imitating art.

Dr. Davis completes his concert with an old but sterling favorite known for its demanding sharps & flats: the Trio’s ‘Scotch & Soda’. He confesses to his audience Shelton has become his home and he intends to stay given the warm reception he’s received since his arrival after years of living on a sailboat with his family. His affability is welcome in this small rural community nestled in the Olympic mountains.

8-16-12 Music in the Park (Shelton) – singing Dr. Fred Davis  1/3

8-16-12 Music in the Park (Shelton) – singing Dr. Fred Davis  2/3

8-16-12 Music in the Park (Shelton) – singing Dr. Fred Davis  3/3

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