8-20-11 Skokomish 1st Elk & Elders Picnic

Each year the Skokomish tribe gathers to honor its elders and heritage. This year, a ‘chum run’ (a mini-marathon) was held with prizes to those who entered. A 1st Elk ceremony to honor these magnificent animals sustaining the tribe for countless generations was performed to bless the cornucopia of food gathered from the Skokomish traditional lands shared with all who attended this cultural event.

Corn to be Roasted in an Open Pit of Heated Rocks

The generous mountain of food graciously prepared by tribal members to share with all consisted of servings of elk, venison, salmon, creamed turkey, chicken, ham, oysters, Hood Canal spotted shrimp, cabbage, watermelon, beef pasta, potato salad, beverages, turkey breast, bread rolls, sauces & gravy, pies, cakes, berry cobbler, cupcakes, and desserts of every description.

Hood Canal Spotted Shrimp

These Shrimp were Firm, Fresh, and Tasty...no sauce needed

Spotted Shrimp unique to Local Waters

The rest of Mason County may look like the aftermath of the Pied Piper due to its high incidence of retirees, but the Skokomish had an abundance of healthy beautiful children at this gathering in its well maintained park.

Swinging on a Star

Oh to be on Sugar Mountain, w/the barkers & the colored balloons...

Skokomish Mother keeps up w/her Daughter

Assorted Gifts for the Elders

Each year, the tribe gives its elders an assortment of gifts such as T-shirts, jams, honey, teas, potpourris, and traditionally decorated blankets for its eldest members.

Native American wearing Traditional Northwest hat

Tribal Elder Wearing Traditional Northwest Hat

Skokomish Boy w/Younger Brother

Young Man at Skokomish Elders Picnic

The ‘chum run’ mini-marathon participants got an early start about 1 hour before the 1st Elk blessing and ceremony. The ‘chum run’ is a mini-marathon arranged as part of the Skokomish Tribe’s annual 1st Elk & Elders picnic. All runners are given prizes.

8-20-11 Skokomish Chum Run

Master of Ceremonies announces presentations

Hunters gather before Blessing of the Elk and Prayer Ceremony

The Skokomish Tribe conducts their annual 1st Elk Ceremony at the picnic to honor the Elders and their heritage.

8-20-11 Skokomish 1st Elk Ceremony

A Skokomish Tribal Elder offers a prayer to bless the Elk, invoking its spirit, at their annual 1st Elk Ceremony and Elders picnic.

8-20-11 Skokomish 1st Elk Ceremony Prayer

A Skokomish Tribal Elder offers a short explanation of the blessing and prayer for the 1st Elk ceremony, invoking its spirit, at their annual 1st Elk Ceremony and Elders picnic.

8-20-11 Skokomish 1st Elk Ceremony background explanation

An Elder enjoys the camaraderie and traditions

Skokomish Native beams

Traditional headdress & drum

Ceremonial Drumming Log

Audio Visual/Production Artist & Visitor from Arizona

Hugs of Reassurance before 1st Elk Ceremonial Procession

Ceremonial Procession & Hunters honor Elk spirit

Thanks and Reverence for Nature's Bounty

1st Elk arrives for Blessing

1st Elk Offering shared with community

Skokomish Native Heritage & Culture Honored in Ceremony and Prayer

An Embarrassment of Riches

"Are You from The Journal?" --J. Snetzler--

Role Model for Skokomish Girls

1st Elk Prayer Song Blessing

Crowd Observes Prayer-Song Blessing

Skokomish 1st Elk Banquet & Elders Picnic

Father & Daughter

Family, Friends, Food, Heritage

Playground at the Skokomish Tribal Park

Skokomish Elder Veteran

Winner of Raffle for Squirt Boat/Kayak

Eldest Woman Honored w/Blanket Gift

Native Elder Pleased w/Her Blanket, Recognition

Warm Friends, Memories for Ms. Margaret Paz, an Apache, 91 yo

Elder Woman leaves after Pleasant Meal, Memories

Eldest Male Honored w/Blanket Gift

Elders Invited to Speak to Tribe

8-20-11 Interview w/Lummi Tribal Elder

‘Jerri’, a Lummi tribal elder, describes a bit about herself and the nature of the gathering (1st Elk Ceremony & honoring of the elders) where this interview was conducted.

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