Deliverance, Texas Style: Cops & DA On Steroids

Texas is notorious for a lot of things. Respecting civil rights isn’t one of them. Local public officials seem aware of this, but nonplussed or disinterested altogether. The fear, loathing, and disrespect this generates toward LEO’s and the justice system is legion. The citizen seen cited in the video appropriately compares the corruption he discovered in Electra, Texas to the movie, DELIVERANCE.

Matt Wood and Gary Ellis come across as total pigs on steroids. The harassed citizen comes across as intimidated, but courageous enough to stand up for his rights, exercising them on the behalf of all Americans.

Electra, TX (March 2013) — This patriot verbally objected to an unconstitutional search of his vehicle in Electra, Texas. Police officers Matt Wood and Gary Ellis maliciously responded by issuing him two false citations. The targeted citizen eventually got a copy of their dashboard-camera video at the pretrial hearing. It revealed the corruption in its entirety including discernible incriminating audio. City attorney Todd Greenwood demanded the man give his copy of the evidence back, and tried to have him arrested when he refused. Greenwood, was at that moment, inadvertently documenting his brazen attempt to interfere with the defendant’s discovery rights as well as his right to investigate a crime committed against him by the lying LEO’s who had stopped, harassed, and unlawfully cited him under color of law as well as perjured reports. This has become such a standard method of miscarrying justice, even the prosecuting attorney, Mr. Greenwood, can be heard admitting it.  Move over, Texas, Nazi Germany has nothing on you!

The prosecutor then compares rural Texas to the movie Deliverance, and warned the defendant, “What’s written down in the Constitution is one thing, and the real practice is another.”

All charges were dropped. The violations of the federal civil rights Section 1983, et seq, is egregious and obvious.

It’s an awesome video production, a story unusually well told by this citizen. He’s a perfect example of why people should represent themselves. He did one hell of a good job. He blew it by not having an audio device and camera (several, actually) on him AND his wife to capture the events.

In this case, we see and hear not only the police, but the state’s prosecutor, Todd Greenwood, conspiring against his civil rights AND ADMITTING it! The defendant had a slam dunk federal 1983 lawsuit.

There’s a bit jealousy over the quality of his video here. Thank you so much for sharing it, bro. It should be shown in every high school civics class. This man is an example of the kind of American we should be proud to have as our countryman. Vaya Con Dios, patriot brother.

Todd Greenwood
City Attorney
109 N. Main
Electra, Texas 76360
Phone:  (940) 495 – 2875
Fax: (940) 495 – 2862

Nesin, the victim in the video says it now has been viewed thousands times. It includes the dash cam video from March of 2013.

Nesin says  in the course of having stopped to switch drivers, he and his wife were accosted on the side of the road. His wife had grown fatigued and become too tired to continue driving.

Matt Wood and Gary Ellis, two Electra LEO’s, arrived and approached his vehicle to “make sure his family was okay” they said.

After some demands to hand over his driver’s license, Officer Ellis, Officer Wood can be seen opening the passenger door without permission or a search warrant, in what Nesin calls an unconstitutional search.  Nesin can be heard verbally objecting to the search.

It was at that point Nesin was given two citations (apparently in retaliation for exercising his 4th Amendment rights), one for ‘failing to identify’ contrary to the dash cam evidence showing he did, and one for “Failure to Display a Driver’s License”,  despite no evidence Nesin had been driving. One officer can be heard admitting as much when he says, “You were fixing to.”

During what Nesin calls a pretrial with Electra city attorney Todd Greenwood, Nesin argues he feels he was denied due process and his civil rights repeatedly. The video backs up his claim.

Nesin admits he didn’t expect the egregious character of the exchange.

Nesin mused, “When I was talking with Greenwood at the pretrial, I was a bit stunned; it had been going well and he had been polite…up until then.  I thought it was going to be an open and shut case for me.  Then it got very adversarial.  I didn’t like how the ‘altered deal, pray I don’t alter it any further’ conversation was going. I was thinking, does anyone in this town respect the laws?”

At this point, a recording of a conversation between Greenwood and former Police Chief Johnny Morris enters the scene.

Nesin cautions he’s grateful Morris handled the situation the way he did by refusing to arrest him.

Finally, in a virtual admission of defeat and lack of probable cause, Greenwood moves to dismiss the charges without court costs (but ex-parte!) which Nesin objected to since he wanted the additional video and audio evidence from the cameras Officers Ellis and Wood were wearing the night of the stop.

According to Nesin, Judge Dianne Gribble refused his motions as [conveniently] the charges had been dismissed at that point. [i.e. The court no longer had jurisdiction. This is another common legal ploy, often ex-parte, when the prosecutor discovers he/she has a case of police misconduct on his/her hands.]

Nessin admits he has no legal action pending right now as he doesn’t believe he has the legal means to pursue his case presently. No apology has been extended to him for the egregious violation of his civil rights. Nesin says he’d appreciate as much.

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  1. Kristofer Phillips says:

    It wasn’t the citizen that made the Deliverance comparison, it was the D.A. that made the comparison, did you even watch the video?

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