Oly Earth Day to May Day: People, Planet, Peace over Profit!

When: April 22 – May 1, 2014 Starts at 8:00 am, Ends at 11:55 pm.

Where: At various locations (e.g. Media Island, Sylvester Park, West Side Park, POWER, etc.) in the Olympia area and nearby locales.

22nd: Tuesday, Earth Day
9-11AM: Coffee and CommuniTEA (Media Island International, MII)
12-2PM: Seed Bombs and Guerrilla Gardening (MII)
1:30PM: Port Plaza Earth Day Rally!
2-5PM: Bee at the Procession Studio!
5-6:30PM: Oly Community Media Convergence (MII)
6:45-7:15PM: Rally at City Hall for a Carfree City!
7:30PM: Kickoff Earth Day to May Day! (MII)
9PM: KOWA show (MII)

23rd: Wednesday
9-11AM: Coffee and CommuniTEA (MII)
Evergreen Earth Fest 2014
4-6PM: Banner Making (MII)
6:30-8PM: OMJP Spokes Meeting on Global Climate Convergence, POWER Office

24th: Thursday
9-11AM: Coffee and CommuniTEA (MII)
4-6PM: Street Theater Rehearsal (MII)
6-10PM: Grand Strategies (MII)
5-8PM Climate Solutions Event at their office

25th: Friday: ARTSWALK
9-11AM: Coffee and CommuniTEA (MII)
3-10PM: Bil Fleming art opening (MII)
5:30PM: Critical Mass, converge at the West Side Park
7PM: Revolutionary Street Theater and Spoken Word at the Rafah Mural

26th: Saturday: ARTSWALK
10-Noon: Solar Power 101, S. Sound Solar, Tumwater
11-4PM: Anti-oppression workshops (MII)
1PM: Food Not Bombs (Library)
4:30PM: Procession of the Species
8PM: Potluck Celebration of the Species! (MII)

27th: Sunday
11-2PM: Global Climate Convergence Benefit Brunch/ Media Island Past, Present and Future (MII)
2-4PM: Green Party presents “Climate Chaos and the Need for a 3rd Party” (MII)
4-6PM: Earth Day to May Day Mural Painting (MII)

28th: Monday
9-11AM: Coffee and CommuniTEA (MII)
10AM: Energy healing (MII)
5:30PM: Port Commissioner Meeting, Tumwater
5-7PM: Womyns Tea Circle (MII)
7PM: Traditions, 6th Extinction potluck, movie and discussion

29th: Tuesday
9-11AM: Coffee and CommuniTEA (MII)
3-5PM: Good Meetings Training (MII)
5-7PM: Banner Making (MII)
7PM: Reflections and Art on Occupy Olympia & OWS (Sylvester Park)

30th: Wednesday
9-11AM: Coffee and CommuniTEA (MII)
Noon: Free Yoga (MII)
4PM: Chalking Dissent, Bank of America
5-6PM: Anarchist Art Market: Zines, Buttons, Patches and More (MII)
7PM: Traditions, “Fighting for a Living Wage”

May 1st: MAY DAY
9-11AM: Coffee and CommuniTEA (MII)
12-3PM: May Day Festival
3PM: Bus to Seattle (MII)
7PM: Traditions, IWW Movie, potluck and discussion
9PM: KOWA, IWW sing-along (MII)

OFS Environmental Film Fest April 18-20
May 7th: 6:30PM: OMJP, Wrap Up and Reflections, POWER office

The Global Climate Convergence for People, Planet and Peace over Profit is an education and direct action campaign beginning this spring with “10 Days to Change Course” running from Earth Day to May Day.

Sign up now @ http://globalclimateconvergence.org/contact/

Together we can harness the transformative power we already possess as a thousand separate movements for justice, rising up against the global assault on our shared economy, ecology, peace and democracy. The accelerating climate disaster, which threatens to unravel civilization as soon as 2050, intensifies all of these struggles and creates new urgency for collaboration.

Clearly the time for unified action is NOW.

The Convergence creates a unifying call for a solution as big as the crisis barreling down on us – an emergency Green Economic Transformation through a Global Green New Deal including universal jobs, health care, education, food and housing security, economic and political democracy, demilitarization, an end to deportations, and 100% clean renewable energy by 2030.

Sign up to begin organizing for the continuum of justice from Earth Day to May Day 2014 Wave of Action in your community, and share this event with your friends.

Find Earth Day to May Day organizing meetings and events in a city near you:


Has your organization endorsed the Convergence yet? Find out here:


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