Port & City of Shelton Audition for Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum

An odd mix of sophistry or pseudo rhetoric and hypocrisy greets citizens when they read the arguments advanced by the City of Shelton vs. the Port of Shelton in their conflict over the proposed re-zoning of 160 acres for new homes just south of Sanderson Field.

The Port of Shelton (champion of corporate interests adverse to the surrounding community) shamelessly advances the rationale that such a rezoning would be a burden on future residents there, inviting possible lawsuits against the Port for noise pollution from aircraft…this in the wake of the Port’s stonewalling local residents (while sneering and allowing Adage to terrorize Mason County citizens) based on many of the same considerations community activists cited in opposing the sweetheart deal the Port gave Adage and is now wearing as custard on its face. If one were to take the Port at its word, they’d have citizens believe they genuinely care about the environment, quality of their life, and noise pollution they mights be subjected to if the multi-million dollar housing development were to proceed.  Residents are left to wonder how this position is consistent with the Port’s “business/industry at any cost” mantra in the thick of the Adage controversy.

Just as disingenuously, the City of Shelton argues it has invested heavily in studies to protect such home buyers from the possibility of fearful noise pollution emanating from Port property/activities.  The fact the City has failed to monitor the obvious air and water pollution emanating from Simpson facilities in its downtown harbor operations for decades (resulting in a hotbed of Dioxin contamination and air quality unfit for children) appears to have escaped their notice. It’s like watching Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan argue over which one will rape your daughter.

Double Talk from the City & Port of Shelton

Ultimately, the City’s position for rezoning is the more persuasive, despite its moral bankruptcy and genuine indifference to the community, residents, their health, and quality of life. The residential development of the disputed 160 acres will, indeed, bring economic diversity and jobs to a community richly deserving it.  The alternative proposed by the Port would only maintain the status quo benefiting a handful of pilots exploiting a resource supported largely by taxpayers…taxpayers viewed with hostility by the Port.

While it’s in the community’s best interest to support this goal, watching the City of Shelton officials advance the ball is a little too much like sleeping with the enemy. Citizens would very much like a candidate on their side to apply for the position of Mayor before the filing deadline for the upcoming mayoral election.

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