The High Cost of Dying: Grief Merchants

One must be honest to live outside the law.” -B. Dylan-

Pets have become a lucrative source of income and a growth industry in an otherwise failing economy. Veterinarian dentists net far more than their counterparts w/human patients. End of life care may well be even more lucrative given the emotional state of the bereaved. A mortally injured hopelessly sweet soul died after having her neck and ribs broken, thoracic cavity punctured, and deep gashes to her abdomen inflicted by a marijuana farmer’s idea of cheap security (2 pit bulls) as a sop against getting ripped off or raided by drug enforcement agents.

Cost: $625+ for emergency room care consisting of stabilization to counteract shock, morphine, x-rays, IV fluids, then euthenasia and cremation.

Purchase price for miniature female dachshund: $300

Copper Kettle

Spot of Sunshine

Surviving Sibling

The illegal barn grow may find pit bulls to be inadequate protection against Westnet and common knowledge. Those who loved Gabby may not always remember what she said, but they’ll always remember how she made them feel.

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