BLM-ANTIFA Thugs Hospitalize Good Samaritan @ Oly City Hall

Olympia, WA (7-12-20) — A patriotic group of good samaritans try to shepherd cars past BLM & ANTIFA protestors blocking the intersection in front of Olympia City Hall. Suddenly, the street thugs attack the bald man in the light green shirt and red suspenders who was helping shepherd drivers through the blocked intersection with what looked like a steel baton seen lying on the pavement and the man’s head wounds. The police did nothing to prevent the violence and the side arms carried by some of the samaritans did nothing to prevent harm from coming to the hospitalized member of their group with his head split open. The Olympia police, as usual, took a report but made no arrests and appeared to have the names of no suspects.

Two people were arrested Sunday after a man was assaulted during a protest near Olympia City Hall.

About 3:45 p.m. Sunday, protesters who had gathered outside of City Hall moved into the intersection on Fourth Avenue and Cherry Street to block cars headed east. Counter protesters led by Peter Diaz, who had gathered in the Meineke Car Care Center parking lot across from City Hall, tried to shepherd the cars rerouting them through the lot and onto Cherry to free the drivers from the blockade. BLM-ANTIFA protestors attempted to interfere by blocking the drivers exiting from Meineke’s.

As the two groups got closer, yelling at one another, shouting insults and curses, a man from the group at the Meineke property was pepper sprayed in the face, according to Olympia Police Lt. Paul Lower. The man was then chased and viciously assaulted by three BLM-ANTIFA protesters. The man was beaten on the head with an extendable steel baton, bloodying him, then punched multiple times by a second protester and hit with a cardboard sign by yet a third protester, Lower said. The victim lost consciousness and was hospitalized

The police finally arrived from inside the PD portion of the adjacent Olympia City Hall seen in the background, then protectively barricaded the man while volunteers gave him medical attention. He was taken by ambulance to Providence St. Peter Hospital.

Peter Diaz, who organized the counter-protest, said he’s a friend of the victim, but said the man “is not as tactful” as some in the counter-protest group. The victim is seen in a video recorded by Diaz shouting at some of the BLM-ANTIFA group’s protesters.

Diaz said Monday his friend has been released from the hospital but has a busted lip and now has to use a straw to eat.

Two people were arrested in connection with the assault and the police are currently looking for a third, whom they have identified.

A 20-year-old man with Olympia residence was arrested on second-degree assault charges for allegedly using the extendable steel baton on the man. The police found the suspect in an alleyway near City Hall, changing his clothes after he had dumped the baton in a trash bin, Lower said.

A juvenile also was arrested on misdemeanor fourth degree assault charges, Lower said.

Olympia Police also believe the two arrested men participated in vandalizing Domino’s Pizza the morning of July 5.

As is so often the case, ANTIFA’s criminal street tactics have special appeal to the violent mentally unstable, cognitively challenged, and sex offenders who are easily manipulated to do the group’s dirty work.

Sex Offender Registers As Transient in Thurston County

A 19-year-old level 1 sex offender recently registered as transient in Thurston County, the sheriff’s office announced.
Shaelyn A. Reed, on Sept. 11, 2017, pleaded guilty in Thurston County Juvenile Court to one count of second-degree rape of a child. He was sentenced to 80 to 100 weeks commitment to the custody of the Juvenile Rehabilitation Administration.
The conviction stems from Reed, at the age of 17, sexually assaulting a known 13-year-old girl.

Reed recently registered as transient with the Thurston County Sheriff’s Office. He will be residing in the Thurston County area. He’s described as a white male, standing 6 feet, weighing 260 pounds and with brown hair and brown eyes.
Anyone with questions about Reed, or with sex offender registration in Thurston County, may call 360-754-2894 or by logging on to

Shaelyn A. Reed is the convicted sex offender believed to have been arrested for beating the victim on the head with a steel baton show in the video clip above.

Thurston County Prosecutor’s Affidavit of Probable Cause seeking criminal charges of assault against registered sex offender Shaelyn A. Reed

Thurston County Prosecutor’s Pre-Trial Report of Shaelyn A. Reed’s criminal history and status as a violent registered sex offender

Portland’s ANTIFA (7-13-20)

Portland Driver Tutors ANTIFA (7-11-20)

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