Bob Sauerwein for Congress – 6th District – interview 1-31-12

Bob Sauerwein is a self described Constitutionalist running for U.S. Congress in the 6th District of Washington State, an area that includes much of Mason County, part of Kitsap as well as Pierce. Bob discusses his views and platform with an eye toward specific solutions for problems facing the electorate. More as the story of his candidacy develops.

Bob Sauerwein for Congress (6th District) interview

013112 Bob Sauerwein for Congress – 6th District… by pinbalwyz

Some conversation ensued following the interview wrap which eventually moved from the Shelton Timberland library to the Pinetree restaurant downtown. Bob engaged the citizens present in political dialogue, the highlights of which will be offered here as the notes/audio of the exchanges are edited/digested. His campaign manager, Jack Miles, expressed concern/disapproval over the issue that he presumed the political discussion with area residents in the dining area was either ‘private’ or off the record. The tension between a campaign manager protecting his candidate and a reporter’s natural goal to get all of the story, particularly a Congressional candidate’s unguarded genuine views on matters of public policy remained unresolved. The ‘press’ in this instance, remained unbowed.

Questions arose from citizens regarding whether Obama was a ‘Christian’, whether he had placed his hand on a Bible during the administration of his oath of office, and whether he behaved in an obsequious/unbecoming manner when dealing with Muslim heads of state while abroad. It was debated whether the founding father’s intended for America to be a Christian nation or what they meant by separation of Church and State. Mason County’s advocate for the homeless discussed issues surrounding how they were ‘criminalized’ for being poor and having lost their homes. The discussion was wide ranging and lasted for over 1.5 hours as Mr. Sauerwein attempted to address the concerns of voters in depth. He spent much of his time listening. An important part of his agenda appeared to be working for the defeat of President Obama in the next general election and reversing the recently passed national health care reform.

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