Bob’s Tainted Shelton-Matlock Honey on Oly’s Martin Way

Be aware an apiarist (white man ~52) who resides in/near Olympia with hives in the Matlock area is selling tainted honey from the back of his pickup truck on the north side of Martin way near the veterinarian clinic/hospital west of Ensign Rd. When questioned about his methodology of controlling varroa & tracheal mites, he admitted he left the strips between the frames until harvesting the honey.

The mite pesticide chemical in these strips is extremely toxic to humans. For that reason, regulations require they be removed prior to the nectar gathering season of the foraging honey bees, not after the honey has already become tainted. Unfortunately, the State never tests for the presence of this poisonous chemical and the man sells it from his truck by the side of the road in any event.

The guy became belligerent when I pointed out the regulations to him and offered information regarding non-toxic alternatives. My wife was with me as the guy became so agitated we left for our own safety.

Don’t risk your and your family’s health. Know the source of the honey you buy and make certain you can trust it. This guy’s unethical practices putting the public at risk with tainted honey is common in the industry because the strips are expensive and the State does no testing for the presence of the toxins in the honey.

Cumophos is one of the poisons used in the pest strips. Read about it.

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