Brandon Darby Exposes Radical Left & Violent (A)narchists

Brandon Darby (Citizen Patriot Response)
Brandon Darby is an activist who rose to international recognition for his role in co-founding and directing the Common Ground Relief organization in New Orleans’ 9th Ward in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. His story is one of a leader of the radical Left who saw the light and became an American Hero for conservatives.

In the following clips, he exposes how the groups he’d come to know condoned senior spokespersons manipulating the young idealists to avoid putting themselves in harm’s way or bearing the consequences of the illegal acts they instigated. What Brandon fails to mention is that the mentally ill, homeless, hungry, and destitute are similarly manipulated to stunning effect. He lists the inconsistencies of equating private property to theft, the state to oppression, society to slave masters, and civilization itself as needing to be destroyed when young violent activists argue creation flows from destruction and how each shall do as they wilt shall be the whole of the law.

What does his nemesis have to say about a man they label (as is their habit) a ‘snitch’?

Turncoat–a show from This American Life about informant Brandon Darby, from the 2008 RNC cases of David McKay and Bradley Crowder. Following this show, Darby has started an informant advocacy group Citizen Patriot Response, in which he encourages people to snitch on activists to the FBI.  He has also admitted in recent speeches to right-wing neo-fascist Tea Party conference goers that he is traveling to Occupy camps around the country and attending assemblies to collect information and share it with the government.”

Given Occupy’s still birth, the above indictment appears dated. But, Darby is, indeed, a gifted speaker and persuasive advocate of transparency if not a facile analyst of the contradictions he exposes in his erstwhile fellow travelers. Take the time to listen and see if you don’t find yourself nodding your head in agreement with many of his most salient points.

The following clip reveals Darby coordinating the removal of protesters opposed (as many Americans are) to what Sheriff Joe (from AZ) stands for. However, the distinction between Darby’s actions and the behavior of (A)narchists in their own events is one without a meaningful difference. Neither tolerates dissent or the ‘diversity’ to which they give so much lip service, but so little respect.

Here, Brandon Darby gets verbally attacked at a July 21,2013 Trayvon rally organized by the New Black Panther Party and Quanell X. The Occupy contingent recognized Darby while he was on assignment for Breitbart News.

The following clip ‘Better This World’ claims to tell the story of two friends who were betrayed by a friend and mentor (Brandon Darby) who influenced them to become violent during the RNC convention in 2008 — but filmmakers, Kelly Duane and Katy Galloway, left out/distorted the real story. Learn how from Brandon Darby, who stopped Brad Crowder and David McKay from hurting anyone. This is the full unedited interview including the creepy dude taking pictures.

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  1. admin says:

    ‘Sweeterthananything’ says: I am myself someone who has gotten jaded with the radical left, but I can tell you this: NOBODY who ever encountered Brandon in real life activism believes this shit. He’s a classic sociopath, just adapting however he can to stay in the spotlight and feel important. If it’s dumb leftist starry-eyed 19 year olds, he’ll take it. If it’s the Tea Party, he’ll take it. His reputation in New Orleans was as a violent shit-stirrer well before he outed himself as a snitch. Sad.

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